Friday, September 18, 2015

The Lumerian Sapphire Armor Relic For Your Old School Campaigns

There are relics and remains of the cosmic battles with the ancient demons and gods before the sinking of Atlantis. Some of the most prized relics are the Sapphire series of armors which have witnessed numerous wars and conflicts. Adventurers, freebooters, and fools seek out the places where these relics can be found. So prized by warriors and wizards are these relics that entire legends and mythologies have grown up around these items. Lumerian Sapphire Armor is built around alien muscled humanoid forms. Partially demonic and alien looking armors; they are operated by a series of pressure pads designed as Lumerian symbols on the forearm of the armor.
The Lumerian Sapphire Armor has the following qualities: 
  • Armor Class:  -3
  • Damage Reduction 4 physical damage beyond 4 hit points on any individual blow implies that the impact of the blow harmed the wearer but hasn't penetrated the suit.  
  • Critical Hit Vulnerability: Critical Hit further the suit can stand up to being hit with  50 perfect (natural 20) blows by an attacker due to the artificial sapphire matrix material in the suit's construction . These hits must be tracked by the dungeon master. Upon the fifty first blow of the power armor the sapphire matrix ruptures apart and the relic armor falls to pieces as the nanite safety systems engage for the pilot. 
  • The suit provides immunity to radiation and full immunity to fire and electricity attacks. 
  • The suit takes half damage from acid attacks 
  • The suit allows the owner to move at normal rate despite the thing weighting 500 pounds
  • Anti gravity - The suit may float up or down at a Mov rate of 20 while baring an additional 600 pounds. 
  • The suit can be used in the darkness and vacuum of the Outer Darkness and the Abyss of underwater while providing the wearer atmosphere for magically for eight hours. 
  • The suit in addition provides  drinking water & food 
  • The suit also provides 1800 strength for its owner 
  • The suit also provides a +3 black steel fifteen inch blades from each wrist for its owner for 1d6+3 damage plus an additional 1d6 Outer Darkness energy damage to each attack 
  • Optic Blast Once per round the owner may unleash a horrid energy blast that is 40 foot long & five feet wide at the base. Those in the area of effect suffer 3d6 points of damage and suffer from radiation burns and those who make an avoidance save suffer half damage. 
  • The owner is enclosed in a nano embryonic gel that protects them from shocks, stuns, and falls. 
  • Because of the extra large Lemurian sensor suite system the owner has ultravision up to a one hundred foot radius in a three hundred sixty degree round. The owner can also sense life in a one hundred foot radius around the armor.

    Those who seek these ancient cosmic relics may have to deal with the previous owners of the armor in the form of wights and the like for there are dark secrets to the Lumerian armor. The owner's soul powers the armor and acts a soul lens psychic power system for the armor. There will be 1d4 charges to the armor after which the armor will begin to draw upon the owner's soul essence at a rate of 1d20 years for every 18 hours of use. The user will raise as a wight after the armor consumes their soul.
    The Lumerian Sapphire Armor Relic is almost always found in the deepest Accursed Atlantian wastelands and lost planetary locations. The armor is almost priceless, but certain pseudo demonic god things such as the
    Anunnaku will attack the owner of this armor on sight. They have long memories and these armors allow their owners to go toe to toe with demons and their ilk.

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