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Encounter On The Field Of Fulility - The Battle of the The Phashanyamar - The Spawn Of The Antediluvian Gods

The echoes of Old Earth rip across the PC's path at some random point as lighting and thunder rip across the boundaries of reality as the Phashanyamar pay a visit. The echos of these titans and ghosts of the ancient gods. The black winds of the Outer Darkness have carried the ancient battles of the gods across the PC's paths. There will be lighting strikes causing 2d6 points of enchanted damage to various points on the landscape and violent winds that seem to rip the vary foundations of the lands. An unnatural storm accompanies the appearance of the ancient godly echoes of olden times.
There will be 1d6 ancient ghostly warriors appearing and echoing out of phase with the pace of the unnatural storm. Weturortharo 5th level black wizard from another accompanies the storm and is trying to harness  the Chaotic and unearthly energies that keep pace with the storm. He's already drained his own six followers and turned them into wights who do his bidding. He will try to drain and consume the PC's souls if possible. He uses a staff +1 of power with the ability to level and soul drain. 

The whole lot will try to slaughter anyone who gets caught in the boundaries of the unnatural storm and it's dreamlike unreality. The Phashanyamar battle a group of Lovecraftian dream demon essences known as the Uroglathaua. These things have the ability to rot reality around them and exist in two places at once.
The Uroglathaua Lovecraftian dream demon essences
No Encountered :1d6
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Movement :60
Hit Dice: 14
Armor Class: 4 
Number Attacks:2
Saving Throw :9
Treasure : A
Whenever the Uroglathaua are banished an exceptional pearl of beauty appears worth 7,000 gold pieces. This pearl actually contains a piece of what passes for the dream demons souls and allows a black magician to summon these horrors from the black winds of the Outer Darkness. They feast on men's dreams and souls poisoning and corrupting men as they roam the Outer worlds. They always know the locations of secret and ancient treasures to bargain with black magicians and their ilk.

The storm and its battles will seem to go on for hours and hours when in fact only a single hour of time has passed. There will be 1d6 pools of poisonous ichor left behind by the passage of this unnatural battle. PC exposed to this horrid stuff must save vs death or gain 1d4 mutations. The black magician, his minions, and any horrors will be swept away with the morning sun as if it was all a dream.

The Phashanyamar - The Spawn Of The Antediluvian Gods

No Encountered :1-12
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size : L 
Movement :60
Hit Dice: 16 
Armor Class: 4 
Number Attacks: 1 
Damage: 6d6
Saving Throw :9
Experience: 3,600 
Treasure : Q 
Deep within the ancient Black Winds there are the remains of the mad dreams of Old Earth Gods who still war among themselves. They sail the skies upon steeds of legend, monsters of horror and worse drawn from nightmare itself.  They are completely insane, and chaos incarnate manifesting randomly carried by the Black  Winds. They make war among themselves and where they will.
They are giants and utterly alien to Terra causing great swaths of destruction with ancient enchanted weapons. These beings will make war with giants, monsters of legend, and anything that gets in their way. They seem to appear in the worst of thunder storms upon Terra and typhoons.

Please not that this adventure encounter was originally used in my Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis campaign setting and has been statted for OD&D and similar retroclone systems. 

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