Monday, September 14, 2015

1d6 Random Potent Crowns of Myth & Legend Adventure Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Vanished into the mists of time there are items of incredible potential and of dangerous aspect, some of these include several artifacts of from the golden ages of Accursed Atlantis. From time to time tavern talk and brothel whispers speak of adventurers coming across these once incredible items that sat on the heads of wizard kings, sorcerous queens of darkness and warlords of the ancient lands. Now these items have returned to the sands claimed by the darkness and solitude of the ruins of the wastelands.


1d6 Random Potent Crowns
of Myth & Legend Adventure Encounter Table
  1. The Serpent Crown of Belkorungimab - This crown belonged to the serpent men of the deep wastelands. It is able to three times per day cause a time stop freezing everything in place for 1d4 rounds by invoking the reality of Eglurcalrt to the local space time continuum. The crown can also invoke the wrath of Veruniaos the demon lord, causes the user and those within a 5 foot radius to randomly blink for 1d6 rounds as their atoms vibrate outside of local reality. The user may also command as per the power of the rod three times per day. Wearing and using this item for more then a week will attract the wrath of a serpent queen from the depth of the Beyond who will come to claim the soul of the owner. 
  2. Kodondrchet Rule - This silver and gold life crown belongs to the Fey of Falamangrchar who were birthed from the gut space of the great worm of the deep Chaos before time. They ruled where men rule now. The crown allows one to pass from normal reality into the grave lands of the Kodondrchet allowing for the owner to take possession of a +2 sword of the ancient ones. The crown allows one to wield the sword, for without the crown the owner and those within a twenty foot radius must make a save vs device or take 1d4 radiation points per damage per round. The owner's soul will be consumed by the ghosts of the Falamangrchar with three months
  3. Uiaugilithugor's Razor - This crown allows the owner to tie demons and devils into logical questions and knots of knowledge. They can't attack the owner of the crown unless attacked first as they are consumed in a riddling contest of wills and conversation. The user may damage the summoned Outer Darkness entity for 2d6 points of physiological damage as they begin to doubt their own existence under the gaze of those who wear this crown. The owner's mind may be taken over by a king from the realm of the Ancient Gods within a month of the crown's ownership. 
  4.  Urglkava's Bane - This crown belonged to the half breed demons of Urglkava's region. It allows the owner to pass among demons and devils as if he was of the royal bloodlines but unfortunately using this device damns the soul of the owner. Only a quest of utmost goodness and Law will allow the owner to redeem themselves. The owner gains many of the minor powers of a lowest demon when wearing the crown. 
  5. Crown of the Buzzing  Vazgorauir- This crown allows the owner to become one with the alien insects of Vazgorauir giving them power over a small portion of the Vazgorauir's alien hivemind and command of 1d6 undead Vazgorauir warriors. The owner has a vast psychic knowledge of this alien race but he also gains a Vazgorauir's queen's embryo within them that will hatch in ten days without direct expensive magickal intervention. 
  6. Wegoroni Wrath - This crown allows the owner to have direct access to the mystic well of Wegoroni's souls allowing them 1d6 necromatic spells and passage between the worlds of the living and the dead. Unfortunately a former Wegoroni warrior king's soul waits to claim and swallow the soul of the owner.

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