Friday, September 11, 2015

1d6 Random Dark Relics of Cosmic Debris & Mythology Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The deepest parts of the Outer Darkness ring with the death kneels of cosmic battles and horrors undreamed of by mankind. The darkness goes about its business between the dimensions, alien civilizations rise and fall to the might and majesty of dead and ancient cosmic space gods.Their passage marks destruction and depravity in between the ticks of the normal space time of Accursed Atlantis. Here in the wasteland the fiery debris from the skies brings madness, disease, and riches of ancient places. Adventurers, freebooters, and fools seek these sites out marked by the trails of meteors, the passage of asteroids and other objects of supernatural and dark magickal importance. Here then are 1d6 objects and relics of cosmic debris found in the deepest recesses of the wastelands. Many of these things are wreathed in weird radiations and strange energies of cosmic horror. Those approaching these sites within a thirty foot radius must save vs death or device or make a mutation check every 1d4 rounds as these alien energies race through their being. Wizards of the blackest aspect pay handsomely for these objects but have been known to murder or do worse to acquire objects and relics of this nature. There may be 1d6 space zombies crawling from the pit where these objects have fallen. These horrors will regenerate as trolls and have many of the same immunities as other undead.

1d6 Random Dark Relics of Cosmic Debris
& Mythology Encounter Table
  1. Ball of Azgindungulo - This overworked ball of brass like material has over its surface three million and twenty names of demons of the Outer Darkness. Contained within are the ancient souls of things long since dead in this universe. The ball acts as a symbol of insanity if tossed into the air. Those touching it will fall under its weird mind effecting spell if they lose their save vs wands roll; they may be overcome by this temptation. Wizards will be able to open windows to sanity shattering  alien vistas of reality and see the passing of the Space Gods. 
  2. The staff of Gwelororot is a rod made from the metabolized souls of ancient aliens twisted into the form of a rod, it allows its owner to have immunity to electricity and poison along with a dash of mad telepathy.During times of the full moon the user is resistant to acid and fire. But there is a heavy price after 1d4 months. The owner's soul is damned and demons from the dead planets of the Outer Darkness come to claim the fool. 
  3. The bracelets of Mordulaulrornt - The owner of the bracelet gains 1d6 wizard eyes that takes on protomatter form for 1d4 hours but the user must process the mad and alien perceptions that these eyes provide. The user may become psychologically addicted to using the bracelet and may have a 10% of turning into a weird alien eye thing from beyond space and time. 
  4. The Disk of Elircaurcatutu- the owner hears the dead thoughts of ancient slain gods from beyond space and time before the beginning of the universe. They gain 1d8 black magick  spells of 1st or 3nd level nature but each time the owner dips into the wells of prehistory protocreation knowledge they become less dimensional solid. After 1d6 uses the owner has a 30% chance of fading away where the demons at the beginning of all may devour his soul. 
  5. Gwelororot The Rotted Walker - The alien statue of an ancient insect is actually a small alien demon capable of spreading a vile negative plane strain of ghoul plague. It will kill and animate 1d6 corpses every two days for its demonic alien master. Each death adds yet more energy to the souls the horror beyond time consumes. It offers good fortune and riches for every two souls it stores and consumes for its master. These horrors are sought by wizards and necromancers of the darkest aspects. 
  6. Laurtugodoba's crystals - These spell storage crystals are said to grow on the facial hair of their undead demonic master who is locked away around a damned and dead star. These crystals fall to Earth and enable a wizard to store an extra 1d4 spells within. The thing is actually an alien parasite and skims just enough energy until it hatches into a type I demon of insectoid aspect with dragon fly wings. The horror will try to consume the souls and bodies of the wizard who uses these things. But it a game of diminishing returns. Wizards still seek these things out knowing full well the horror and depravity that follows in these artifact's wake.

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