Thursday, September 17, 2015

1d6 Random Minor Cursed Treasures From The Outer Darkness Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the depths of the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis there are several factions that control the relics & artifacts trade. Some of these items come from the bowels of time & filter in from the Outer Darkness. These items often times carry with them a heavy burden of weirdness and magick, these items often come with a minor curse as per the OD&D rules or retroclone appropriate rules set. A successful save vs device is needed to avoid most of the major effects of some of these items

  1. The Sigil of Vrithru - This other worldly alien metal sigil that summons a tendriled Vrock from the Outer Darkness often used by diabolist's and assassins to murder kings or heads of state for they love to eat the eyes of royal bloodlines. 
  2. Partially burnt armor from another reality, this split armored suit contains the skeletal torso; the mail is cursed with weird radiations. The owner must save vs death or gain one major mutation. The mail may be used to summon a major demon thing from the Outer Darkness 
  3. Giant Alien Metal Skull - This skull is from another dimension via the Outer Darkness; the thing retains 1d4 second level black magick spells but the relic is laced with weird radiations. Save vs poison or get hit with 1d4 points of damage per round. 
  4. Elatulavauglo's Mirror - This is a piece of the former prison of  the demon prince Elatulavauglo and retains his evil presence and influence. Upon finding a piece of this black weirdly attractive glass, the owner must save vs death or be possessed by a piece of the demon prince's black soul. The owner will be converted into an evil assassin of 2nd level and their original personality will be left only superficially in place. Their alignment will be permanently shifted over to Chaotic evil. 
  5. Ugbathia's Arrow - This partially burned out device is all that remains of an alien computer, the left over remains contain the last vestiges of a artificial spirit of  Law, any device,relic, or artifact left next to this artifact gains a +1 as the spirit of Law temporarily improves it for 1d4 days after which the treasure that has been 'improved' crumbles to dust. 
  6. Vaurororororc's eyes - These devices are made from hundreds of mechanical lens devices and special ruby pieces. These devices have evil inclinations and are the last bits of cybermagickal technology that exists after the destruction of  the cyber demon Vaurororororc. These eyes have the powers of a wizard's eye spell and often sprout eight legs when the owners are looking. The eyes seek out wizards so they can crawl into the throats & cavities of the poor victims bodies. The eyes snake atom sized tendrils throughout the bodies of these poor fools and leech off any spells as the wizard sleeps. The occult power is transmitted back to the undead form of their cybernetic demonic master. These things attack as giant spiders with a 20% magic resistance. 

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