Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ViewScream 2nd Edition by Rafael Chandler Kickstarter Countdown & Cover Reveal

I'm a huge fan of Rafael Chandler's writing and designing, his work always continues to impress me. I've used his OSR gaming materials in my  own games. But now we're almost down to eight days on his View Scream Second edition Kickstarter and he's just revealed the cover art for the on line horror chat rpg. I've covered the View Scream Kickstarter before right over here But there's been some changes under the hood.

So the clock is ticking on the View Scream second edition is hitting the airwaves, if this Kickstarter funds. For the past couple of weeks, I've been quietly watching and observing this whole process with this game. The ideas here are solid and well exacuted for play of this role-playing game of horror in deep space. Its specifically designed for online play through video-chat software.
If you really want to understand where View Scream excels vs garden variety rpg check this out.

But its really been the mission adventure that had me hooked with this game. Mr.Chandler brings a grittiness and solid way of handling his Lovecraftian horror so I can't wait to see where this adventure goes.

ViewScream includes 25 adventures. 15 of these are finished (and we'll get to the other 10 in just a moment): 
  • A Maculate Conception: "This is a distress signal from the bridge of the exploratory vessel Sycorax. There's something on our ship, and it's laying eggs. But they're not hatching; they're empty. I think we're supposed to go into them."
  • Billions of Scars: The denizens of this planet uploaded their minds to an exabyte drive and waited. Your crew accidentally released them. These disembodied minds are full of hate, and they have been waiting... 
  • Black Widow, Brown Recluse: Recluse, the artificial intelligence aboard the starship Black Widow, has just gone antipathic. Most of the crew died within the first few minutes. You’re next. 
  • Culler Out of Space: When colonists begin to display anomalous behavior after a meteorite impact, a nearby debris-culler is ordered to investigate the crater. Horror ensues. 
  • Destiny Rising: "Fuel line’s all tore up, particle vents are bent sideways, and there’s something wedged in the capacitor. Reckon we best get the Destiny fixed, or you’re in a mess of trouble."
  • Dunwich Hauler: “Whatever it is, it’s aboard the Lavinia. Sensors can’t detect it, weapons can’t stop it, and if we don’t get to an escape pod right now, we are dead.” 
  • Golgotha Station: Guerrilla forces have destroyed Golgotha Station. Your small crew is all that remains of the once-mighty Dominion Shock Troops. Will you go down fighting, or flee like cowards? 
  • Ligature Marks: After a nightmarish first contact with an alien race, everyone aboard your ship committed suicide. After that, the vessel’s A.I. awoke you from cryogenic stasis. A pity, really... 
  • Neongeles: From the gene-traders of Melrose Avenue to the flesh-printers of Anaheim, you’ve seen it all. But tonight, with one botched heist, you’ve changed Neongeles forever.
  • Optimal Virulence: "Hailing on all frequencies. I'm aboard the Imperial Hellebore. A horrid infection wiped out most of our crew. They have risen, and they are hunting us. They hunger--" 
  • Saint Bartholomew: A skinless man walks among you. He knows what you did. He is cheerful and silent as he strides through the blood-spattered corridors of your ship. He will save your soul. 
  • Summervox Whispers: The job was simple: swipe herdsourced data and use it to build a better mediabase. Only problem: no data. Just a sentient cloud of information that hates humans. 
  • The Call of Kullat Nunu: “This is a subspace emergency broadcast. We’re aboard the science vessel Emma, which left the Auckland system on 022025. In God’s name, please help us.” 
  • Vade Retro Satana: They should never have agreed to deliver that prisoner. And as soon as they found out what he was, they should have killed him. But it’s too late, and the ritual has begun. 
  • Yellow Sine: “This is an SOS from the crew of the Camilla. We are trapped in the Hyades cluster, and nearly everyone aboard has been murdered. We few survivors feel compelled to unmask.”

Here's the problem with this Kickstarter, you've only got eight days to get on board and get this puppy backed before it ends. The applications and ideas for this game are huge, you could use this game to run back to back adventures and campaigns with friends across the world.  One of the exciting things about this project for me is the inclusion of Tariq Raheem whose artwork I've admired for years. And so many other fine talents.  But like all good things this Kickstarter is coming to an end, and one thing about Mr. Chandler and co. , they bring their material to market in spades. So get on board now before its too late! This is going to be a great game!

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