Friday, September 18, 2015

Review & Commentary On Crawling Under A Broken Moon Issue #5 for the DCC rpg System and Your Old School Campaigns, 'Because I have the Pooowwwer!'


Everyday at three o'clock when school let out I raced home to watch He Man and the Masters Of The Universe. Alright not really, He-man was awesome but I was too busy dodging bullies and playing in graveyards and besides I was more of a Thundarr The Barbarian kinda guy. But He-Man was later added into the roster of characters when I began to really understand the old school cartoon movement and the He-Man/Conan connection. Which brings me to issue five of Crawling Under A Broken Moon issue #5 for the Dungeon Crawl Classics rpg. Basically issue number five of CUBM is a big fat post apocalypitic love letter to Eighties He Man. Serious this issue is one huge passing OSR right hook to the get after school sword and sorcery barbarian cartoons. But is it good? Yes it is if A, Your into the material that this issue is featuring and B. The ideas here are fully developed with an eye toward giving the dungeon master everything they need to get this sort of campaign off the ground with little issue.
Far in the northern reaches of Umerica lay the lands of Aetheria where the Masters of Castle Oldskull do fierce battle with the lich Skull-Or and his mighty minions!
  • Articles on both the lands of Aethera and the neighbouring Darklands
  • The Aetherian Hero character class
  • The Ancient tech of the Un Men! The secret to the power of Aetheria.
  • And, the Wizard hating Warrior Patron, Castle Oldskull
The awesome here is turned up to eleven with all of the material in this issue directly related to getting your parties playing in the lands of Oldskull and doing in a bit of a state of style. This material isn't going to be to everyone's liking but if your into having your gonzo action notched up and the ideas here are fresh, well done retreads but done in such a cleaver way as to actually make this very playable.
But is it worth your time? Well yes, yes it is. The ideas here are to take the tropes of He-Man twist them on their ears and then make them as a playable PC class with the the Aetherian Hero.The campaign setting of Aethera and the neighboring Darklands is not only playable but fits the DCC game and adventure setting very well. There was a huge chunk of He - Man was the background material and peoples. Here we get to dive behind the curtain and gets a feeling for the Ancient tech of the Un Men! The secret to the power of Aetheria in the wasteland and for your campaigns. We get the full damn sword and post apocalyptic treatment in issue five and it tears deeply into the pop culture myth and mythology of this very issue. We have everything from major players in the storyline to half forgotten PC's. All of this is done with style and wit this includes the
Wizard hating Warrior Patron, Castle Oldskull. Should you grab Issue five of Crawling Under A Broken Moon? Yes and in point of fact if your into He Man or any of the 80'd cartoon universes then this is issue for you.

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