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1d6 Random Manifestations Of Primal Chaos Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Some ancient & very alien civilizations harnessed the great formless void as a power source for their vast interstellar & inter dimensional empires. These ancient relics and primal engines are now gone but even their manifestations could not hold the vast disorder and darkness which powered them. It is the vast pools and places of formless, timeless, change that even now leaks into the world of Accursed Atlantis bringing with it the power of magick, madness, change, and horror all at once. PC's who encounter it in the deep wastelands and places of darkness will find the effects of their spells increased by +1d8 hours but those coming within a forty foot radius of these pools of deadly change energy will be subject to a save vs device or death to avoid the 1d8 mutation check that follows exposure to this horrid stuff.

 'Veha'arets hayetah tohu vavohu vechoshech
al-peney tehom veruach Elohim merachefet al-peney hamayim'

Any animals or life forms exposed to this horrid ever changing goo must make a mutation check or grow into a monsterous and horrid thing of chaos within 1d8 hours. The stuff churns with colours and horror beyond the pale of mankind. The faces of ancient alien gods, demons, and other relics of lost mythologies churns & has temporary form in this stuff. Any flesh exposed to it will take 1d4 points of damage per round as the horrid stuff dissolves, mutates, and consumes any organic material put to it. Only certain alchemally and chemically treated materials can endure the perfect corruption and corruption of this material or the relics of the god forms of the serpent people can contain it. They're descendants are loath to talk of such things.

1d6 Random Manifestations Of Primal Chaos Encounter Table
  1. A crack has formed along the seams of reality here and the jelly like primal chaos flows along its axis in a trickle of temporary mocking faces and material. It bubbles and churns with a life all of its own moving and coming to life with the possibilities of its own half existence. The stuff will lash out with a viscous violence towards anything within 20 feet of it attacking with pseudo life like mockery. Anything hit by this stuff will add to its volume. Oozes, jellies, and other weird elemental life forms are created where it spawns with the rock and soil. 
  2. There were ruins here but these are gone under the manifestation of the primal material, gods, goddesses and other horrors temporarily form in the stuff. It churns in on itself and suddenly 1d4 minor imp like life forms come from the material only to be whipped and eaten again by it. Any spell cast within a 20 foot radius of it will double or triple its effects and fuel a radioactive cloud like effect that will cover a 40 foot radius around the pool. The outlines of several wizards are visible as shadows on the ground. There is a 30% chance of these things coming to life as shadows at any given time. 
  3. This small pool of the primal chaos is one of the most dangerous because it has developed a temporary intelligence and seeks to expand its followers. It will shoot a jet of goo 40 feet in any direction and seek to take possession of those whom it hits. Those it can not possess will be subject to 1d4 mutations unless a save vs death is made. There are 1d6 giant monster mutants within the area around the horror. 
  4. There is a howling wind from no where which indicates the crack between dimensions allowing this multi rainbow and alien coloured  horror to manifest  around in a 300 foot radius pool. The stuff sends up shafts of unlight and disrupts reality for 1d6 minutes at a time. PC's must save vs spells or lose 1d4 years from their lives. The stuff has attracted 1d10 3rd level wizards as its attendants, they bare heavy mutation and serve the stuff in body and soul. They believe that they are chosen of the horror as it's prophets and they may be right. It seeks to free the corpse of a primal god thing in the foot hills surround it three miles away so that it might bond with and possess this vessel. Those within a fifty foot radius of this stuff must make a mutation check every 1d4 rounds of exposure. 
  5. This manifestation of the primal chaos has taken on the form of a cloud of weirdly coloured horror and has within it the souls of ancient and forgotten gods and demons. Each 1d6 rounds it will give birth to 1d4 temporary god things that while weak and pale echoes  of themselves are equal to 4th level fighters and mutant horrors. There is a 60% chance of it giving birth to two twin least demonic entities. Those exposed to the cloud must save vs death or gain 1d6 mutations. 
  6. This primal manifestation of the chaos before time has passed through a grave yard and has leeched 1d100 temporary undead soul echoes. Each 1d4 rounds it will vomit forth a chaos ghost, ghoul or other undead horror from beyond the pale of man. These things will be infected with ghoul plague and seek to turn and eat the living to satisfy the madness and hunger of the dark horror manifestation that is this thing. Spells cast near this black and purple manifestation have a 20% chance of reflecting and exploding upon the wizard casting them.

    Anyone trying to capture the primal chaos essence will be subject to a dexterity check to get the essence into a specially treated container and will be exposed to the stuff for 1d4 rounds. They must make a mutation check every three rounds of exposure.Wizards will pay handsomely for this stuff, at least 30,000 gold pieces or better per vial. An alchemist is needed for the proper process for sale though. Wizards have been know to murder adventurers and freebooters for the material.

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