Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reveiw & Commentary On The Cliff-lair of Heeter Adventure By Corey Ryan Walden For Your Old School Campaigns

The Cliff-Lair of Heeter is a mini-adventure for 4-10 characters of 1st-3rd levels. It is compatible with the 1974 edition of the world's most popular fantasy role-playing game, or a similar retroclone. This is a mid point adventure for 1st and a mid level adventure for 2nd level PC's who are threading their way to 3rd level. This adventure clocks in at twelve pages of science fantasy style adventure encounters. It sells for two dollars of high test but well balanced old school encounter adventure fun.
Much of the action reminds me of a old school mid- Fifties Weird Tales or pulpy science fantasy adventure.

 The Cliff-lair of Heeter By Corey Ryan Walden is a two dollar mid level adventure that covers a particularly weird & dangerous adventure location & situation. Do I think its worth the price of admission? Yes, yes I do. As a beginning level adventure  The Cliff-lair of Heeter By Corey Ryan Walden packs plenty of old school thrills and action into a small package of awesomeness. The plot reads like something from an old school fanazine; A local tale whispers of a strange sorcerer who has dwelt in the cliffs and crags for centuries. During that time savage lightning has illumined the skies and valleys, seemingly at the bidding of this enigmatic figure. More recently there have been even more bizarre stories. Horses stolen by blue-skinned men for unseemly purposes — disrupting trade and traumatizing travelers. You have heard these disturbing stories, whether they be founded in truth or fiction. But one question remains: will you brave the journey to the crags?
This is a great adventure with lots of potential that can be used with OD&D, Labyrinth Lord as well as Swords and Wizardry and other old school retroclones. Believe it or not this is a gonzo adventure that doesn't actually go over the top. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Encounters here are balanced, strange with classic bits with  actual plot points that bring the PC's right into the middle of the weird action. 
Monsters are strange and classically original to the adventure even as death lurks around every corner. Given the old school feel of the adventure there's lots happening in this twelve pages. And this adventure could be used as a link up point for another of the author's adventure's in this case in the form of the free adventure Black Ruins. Both of these adventures could be easily linked up to form the basis for as sword and sorcery old school campaign. There's plenty of room for the DM to expand several of the bits and pieces into fully developed campaign adventure elements as they see fit.

There's a certain alien old world sense to the  The Cliff-lair of Heeter By Corey Ryan Walden which reading through it makes me want to run a cast of beginning level PC's through the entire adventure over an evening or two's play time.  Because it clocks in at twelve pages the adventure is perfectly set up for a convention set of play and is well worth the two dollar price tag. There's lots of old school alien sorcerer action here. Look do yourselves a favor and grab this one on Lulu.

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