Saturday, September 12, 2015

1d6 Random What The Space Adventurers Left Behind Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the vast reaches of space there are adventurers & fortune hunters who trail after the cosmic wake of the space gods.  These fools seek their fortunes in the destruction caused in the passage of these ancient god things from beyond time and space. There have been cities turned to diamond, planetary inhabitants rendered into their vital organs, places where ancient relics have been arranged in ritualistic fashion, and far more unexplained circumstances. In the vast wastelands of Accursed Atlantis there have many times when freebooters and adventurers have stumbled upon campsites and other signs of settlements that have simply been left behind. The attention of these cosmic divinities have wrought fear in the very souls of those who follow the space gods. Their auras act as fear spells in all creatures of lesser hit dice and their wrath knows no remorse or pity. There have been instances of alien fortune hunters having been found being turned to plastic, having their forms inverted or worse. Many times in these instances there are alien things such as technology, relics,and other things that adventurers stumble upon. Many of the remains listed below will require a radiation check as the alien sites are infected with dangerous strange radiations or worse.

1d6 Random What The Space Adventurers Left Behind Encounter Table

  1. A large burned out area of slightly radioactive glass, there are 1d4 minor relics scattered about and several broken and twisted pieces of adventurer technology. There is a 30 % chance of encountering an alien warrior in battle armor whose scared out of his mind as if he just did battle with some ancient horror. A Jale colored blob of energy rises out a near by crater and begins to move towards your position. 
  2. Thirteen large burnt out rings of magma and fused glass litter the ground here. There are several radioactive skeletons in power armor scattered about and seem to be infected with alien parasites of the nasty variety. There are 1d4 minor items including a scroll of spell storage and a few psychic crystals at various points. 
  3. A campfire location where it looks as if a space craft landed on the sight near the campaign. There are over a dozen non working androids laying down seemingly dead. They're worth as small fortune and some are being parted out to recover the loss of the dead magic wands of the alien adventurers. 
  4. A crashed space craft mark the point where all of the money is made. A small camp of wasteland adventurers has come plunder the space craft, they don't know that besides the 1d4 relics that they've turn up on a daily basis. There 1d8 space zombies in cryo units within the ship that will awaken when the right control panel is hit and they are very hungry. A working FTL drive system is in storage in the ship's hold.
  5. This site is a fully operation mining facility run by androids and robots but there is something radically wrong. This place has an infestation of alien trolls and an odd vision affecting the supplicant when he crosses over the line into the unreality of this ship. 
  6. This site has numerous details indicating that the outlaws just left including fused glass and lots of traces. There is a working laser pistol and a partially empty energy cell. There is also an ancient psychic macro celled organism that has escaped from a cryo sleep chamber and its very hungry. There is also an alien astronaut's remains which include a set of built in enchanted armor into the suit . Lots of scattered junk strewn around the site. And here and there are alien bits and pieces of trash. There is a 20% chance of contracting an alien disease if messing around the junk and trash. 

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