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1d6 Random Ancient Wasteland Kings Adventure Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

They are the ancient kings of Atlantis who sleep deep in the wastelands waiting for their greatest time of need for the lands of Atlantis. Those adventurers who disturb such giant kings are supernaturally harmed by the ancient eldritch energies that sustain these ancient titans of the past who lay dreaming. These royal heroes of future time has not yet come lay waiting in the sands of the deepest wastelands surrounded by relics, artifacts and other weapons of war. These are prizes that few adventurers, freebooters, and relic hunters can resist. But those who enter the tombs, bunkers, and palaces  of these ancient heroes of the past take their lives in their own hands. For the energies sustaining these beings will prematurely age, mutate, and eventually kill those who disturb these kings of the wastelands.

1d6 Random Ancient Wasteland
Kings Adventure Encounter Table

  1. Elilatungorgu The Violent - This ancient giant of a hero is a 8th level warrior king whose reign of violence and dangerous rule was marked by his driving back the inhuman Fey invaders from his shores using wit, guile and dreaded energy sword Fey Breaker. He sleeps now with his men awaiting the time of his return. He is surrounded by knights in power armor awaiting the call to awaken and the signs that the stars are right again. 
  2. Helldrgi The Warrior Princess of Atlantis - Covered from head to foot in the ancient tattoos of her people this warrior princess sleeps under the gaze of the Hydra Queen awaiting the day when she is called back, back to life and the trumpets of battle. She is surrounded by the wizards of old who await her return they sleep in dreamless slumber. Chaos and magick are hers to command and the lands shall quake when she arises.
  3. Aulingothiai The Ashen - The warrior prince of Trubango, the upstart king came down from the plains and plains to conquer decadent Atlantis and his rule led to a golden age. Now he sleeps under the sands surrounded by his tribal guard. Few know his secret, he is both warrior and wizard scholar. A great general and tactician he awaits the signs to rise up again. His lioness companion Chruros sleeps by his side. 
  4. Grcheturgul The Ghoul Princess - Partially of the undead and half of the living this ghoul poet sat on the throne and guided the people into an age of conquest and power unmatched. He sleeps with his lich guard surrounding him while his spirit quests in the Astral plane. His glittering blasters and energy swords at the ready. 
  5. Salanthm The Sly - This Atlantian king ruled through guile, super science, and with a swift sword. He was a great wizard and knew how to command his legions of warriors with both rewards of super science and land. His reign was marked by power and conquest. He awaits when the stars call him back to life. 
  6. Otundrorgldeth The Shifter - This ancient king's rule was marked by his curse of lycanthrope and sorcery. He is a wizard of incredible aspect able to take on the form of his enemies and rip the throats of his prey from within. His hatred of the Fey is only matched by his thirst for their blood. He sleeps with his pack even now beneath the sands.

    There will be 1d8 major relics or artifacts but those entering the tombs of these beings of royalty must save vs death then roll on the random table below. Here then are six of the most dangerous titans and heroes of the past for your adventures to encounter.
      Random Effects of Entering
    The Tombs of The Ancient Wasteland Kings

    1. The fool lives 1d8 hours but their life is measured in hours as the life drains from them and they waste away. 
    2. They are infected with entropic energies and are subjected to mutation checks every 1d4 rounds as the energies ravage their bodies. 
    3. Guardian spirits haunt the poor fool and begin to tear him apart. 
    4. The fool who disturbed the ancient kings is given a curse and a quest to fulfill, he might live another day if it is completed.

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