Thursday, September 3, 2015

1d6 Random Wasteland Oracles Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are people born under the influence of gods, spirits, and other supernatural entities in the wastelands of accursed Atlantis. These beings regardless if mutant, human, or near human are beings of incredible aspect. They have the powers of insight and are given visions of the shadows of many alternative worlds and timelines. There are visions  'what might be's'  or 'what could be's', often times the visions or prophecies are muddy things at best. But in the deep wastelands of accursed Atlantis where everyday survival is a gamble at best. The ray of hope that a vision or prophecy brings to a tribe is a blessing for it can lead to the ability to thrive in the harsh conditions of the wastes. For the oracle these visions can be a curse or trap as the cycle leads them to victims of their own abilities. The cycle of visions can vary for these seers & oracles but often times they must enter as well endure a mystic rapture with a 40% chance of gaining a vision or prophecy with insight into both their current circumstances and near future events. Often oracles are considered minor but important playing pieces by the gods and other entities of the wastelands; they are often given the choice of a 'bargain' with a supernatural entity which will increase their sight to 60% for current or near future events. All visions regardless of source will be cloaked in layers of cryptic symbolism, weird dreamlike qualities, and strange layers of meaning. Clerics, priests, and wizards are often employed by tribes to pull the meaning of these visions. Dallying with the gods & spirits always a price though, the lifetime of the oracle is cut in half, the years whittled way by the pool of fate and existence. Adventurers & freebooters seek these oracles for their insights into fate, the location of ruins, the strange mystic insights into the  backgrounds of artifacts & relics, the dangerous mystic insights into the weird histories of mutant warlords,wizards, and other wasteland hazards. But whom the gods would give vision they would also make mad and there is a 30% that these wasteland dreamers will have 1d6 mutations in addition to their visions if they are mutants.
Wasteland oracles are also the subject of warfare between tribes of wasteland dwellers and often seek the stability offered by temples and city states in the strife laden wastelands.

1d6 Random Wasteland Oracles Encounter Table

  1. Inalir The Seven Sighted Witch Of Yur  - She who dwells in the lair of the Compumatrix, she is an oracle aligned with Law and her mind moves in the strange alien angles of time, space, and energy. She has a 60% chance of being able to identify strange relics, alien technologies, and other devices presented to her. She also has incredible insights into matters of warfare, battle, and the depths of space but there is a price for her services.A major artifact or relic must be presented to her priests and attendants. While beautiful Inalir bears the marks of her gods, she has seven cybernetic alien eyes arrayed on her face. 
  2. Wetuiaglango The Triple Hand Harbinger - This prophet dwells in the temple of three gods and is attended by mutant insect men. He specializes in matters of war, violence, and love. He has the ability to be in three places at once and dwells within the chaotic and weird regions of the astral while his true form dwells in temple attending his priests. His price for visions is a pint of blood for his insect priests and he will offer 1d4 visions over a three day period. 
  3. Shaugorcauna - An alien prophet whose linage is so alien as to be completely obscure at this point. Shaugorcauna is constantly changing shape and offers visions on matters of survival & fertility  for tribes. Water finding, shelter placement, mating cycles, matters of mutation, and family matters are its specialty. The true value though in Shaugorcauna's visions are matters of royal bloodlines and ascension wasteland kings. Shaugorcauna is always consulted on these occasions. The creature is a gossip par excellence and there will be a price for its services in the form of a state secret or other juicy story. Shaugorcauna is attended by 1d10 androids of weird aspect. 
  4. Roglaliturtha is a former wasteland pirate and thief who turned into an oracle when struck down by the god Ningoth on the plane of  Roz in the ninth month of Quag. Roglaliturtha is consulted on matters of ruins and dungeon exploration in the depths of the deepest parts of the wasteland. He is a mutant of incredibly dangerous energy generating abilities and is attended by energy phantoms of strange aspect who attend his every need. He draws maps, guides, and diagrams of the places in his visions, his secondary attendant priests sell these for a tidy prophet. 
  5. Irthmilaluangi The Birth Mother - A creepy bloated bat like mutant that is beloved by all tribes around her for she knows the mutations and abilities of all who dwell in her presence. She can predict the abilities of a given family with over a 60% accuracy but this multiple armed oracle has a price. She takes the second born child from some royal or prominent family to train as her attendant priests or follower.  She has one of the most sizable temple  holdings in the wastelands and a spy network par excellence. Few would incur her wrath for she has a sizable army of mercenaries and wasteland scum at her beckon and call. She also has a sizable treasure vault as well. 
  6. Ongodron The Dweller in The Octagon - This being is part spirit and part mutant flesh who dwells in an alien cybernetic device of strange aspect. He is incredibly insightful on all matters of demons and horrors from the Outer Darkness. His price is the names of wizards and their ilk for he serves Hargith The Just as his eyes on those things and loves to thwart the plans of demons and their machinations. He is attended willingly by 1d100 wizards who have served under him with zeal. Ongodron judges each and every seeker who comes to him personally for an audience. His cybernetic systems allow him to be everywhere at once.

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