Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1d6 Random Former Lovecraftian Summoning Devices Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

For some the price of summoning a minor god or demon in the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis is far too high; there are ancient devices, wards, and other objects of power that are left behind in ruins that can cause all kinds of havoc for those who stumble upon them. Often these are freebooters, adventurers and the occasional wasteland outlaw whose wanderings bring them into contact with the ruins and places where these items and things of magick can be found.
Often these devices or relics of ages past will have powerful and dangerous spirits moving around them. These beings may have 1d4 minor mutations,powers or abilities associated with the wasteland area where they are found. They are sometimes dangerous in the extreme and will take their frustrations out on anyone who stumbles across them and their relic summoning devices.
1d6 Random Former Lovecraftian Summoning Devices Encounter Table

  1. De'dathabok's Mechanism - This device is located inside an old bunker that once housed the armies of Mu. The device is a large semi circular clock like mechanism made up of purple and blue gears made from some alien alloy. The device will summon a minor avatar of the god thing De'dathabok of the terrible aspect. The mechanism will work hard to banish the summoned one back to the darkness beyond the world's edge. The thing will keep tabs on three other radical demon things that the mechanism summons.
  2.  Y'phoilollotl Of The Deadly Mechanical Lotus - This device is made from the peddles of a thousand year old stain glass plant that has been soaked in the magickal juices of the Y'phoilollotl. Every new moon this mechanisms allow the creatures to come bidden into our world. The device also allows the owner to plane shift every three weeks depending upon local conditions. This device could be worth 100,000 gold pieces but the real value is in this device's ability change the mutations of mutants subject to the alien radiation that this device admits every three weeks. Y'phoilollotl is a second type demon and is summoned to rid the wizard of the burden of magickal curses and ancient summoning rites.
  3.  Omact-auguggu's Grail - This isn't a real grail at all but an alien device that allows one to summon a minor fiend called  Omact-auguggu. The grail fills with hot and salt blood every 1d4 days. The blood can be used to summon the Vrock lord Omact-auguggu who is actually highly intelligent and wise in the ways of dimensional doors and alternative Earth's. He specializes in finding doomed  incarnations of the summoner and using them to increase the summoner's magickal potential by murder.
  4.  Hat-cysogugag - This alien device is used to summon the fallen angel Hat-cysogugag whose soul engrams are stored on the device. The angel's power and abilities can be used to repair or create holes in space time. The angel must be given two pints of blood before he will use his abilities to help in the endeavor. The device is worth 60,000 gold pieces to the right collector. It can also be used to summon a vrock or special type two demon creature.
  5.  Mephugu-cho- This demon sigil strewn chest was part of a incredible haul from an alien space craft. The chest allows an ancient curse can be used for quick time travel but the  Mephugu-cho hunting horror will kill the PC if it can and then simply allow the fool to slip back three years or more.
  6.  Bhachl-sthlot is the statue of an ancient tiger demoness who grants the twisted wishes of her worshipers. The demoness can heal and mend the legs of a body but this device is actually an alien matter projector and allows one to experience the totality of life and undeath. The device is worth a cool offer of 70,000 gold to start with. The device is based off of the influence of the ancient demon and is quite dangerous, it often takes the form of a humicolus faced boy around others.

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