Friday, August 16, 2019

Tengel Manor Session Report - The Vengeance of Rump Rus

Somehow according to friends & others I'm supposed to let the dust settle once again on this blog. Well, that's not gonna happen my friends. The dust of ages retreats as a soul comes howling from the Abyss back to her haunted ancestral home to take vengeance on the enemies of her ancient people & their descendents . Rump Rus Witch Queen & Priestess of Nyarlathotep has been reborn among the haunted timbers of Tegel Manor! She has come to claim her due & she will not be denied!

Rump Rus Witch Queen & Priestess of Nyarlathotep was a mummy that the PC's left behind in the temple of Set inside Tegel manor three years ago. She's one of the original inhabitants of the ancestral lands of the Rumps & was brought back to the manor by Sir Percy Rump. She has been gathering power & strength. She's based on 'Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Mummy Queen' figure.

'Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven
Legends Mummy Queen' figure available right here. 

Her soul escaped from the black pits of the Outer Darkness & the Abyss after the events of 

Battle For The Purple Islands happened.

That's a blog entry for another time but she's come back to the multidimensional version of Tegel Manor with a vengeance for the player's PC's.  The party desecrated her temple & then left for parts unknown. It took many long years for her to reform in the aftermath.  What the party doesn't know is that  
Rump Rus is not all what she appears to be. She's a fragment of a goddess incarnate an idea that stole from VS's Dead God Excavation & the classic Hammer film Blood From the Mummy's Tomb. Rump Russ has a modern incarnation fragment known to the PC's as Countess Ruby Red.

She's a patron of the party obsessed with Cha'alt Venger Satanis's newest project because part of trappings & artifacts have been secreted away inside the mega dungeon for safe keeping by the Purple Priests of Pem.  VS's Dead God Excavation has many ideas on creating a rather nasty version of one of these weird semi divine Great Old One style beings. But she must bide her time for the moment until the manor & its valley arrive in the Sea of Dust. 

Then she can go out in the seas eternal sands & dust to 
"The Ruins of Andril" and raise her undead army of horror & wreck vengeance throughout the planes or can the party stop her?!  I'm using Castles & Crusades to run this leg of the campaign & its been turning out quite nicely for me as the DM. The players on the other hand have their hands full in spades. I'm going to bring the game closer to the halls of Cha'alt coming up soon! 

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