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The Raiders of 'Naa-zsh' An NPC Lovecraftian Enemy Faction For Your Old School Campaigns

"Far in the future of Earth something stirs & its claws catch the edges of the world & it hungers. They were spawned from the beginning thing  & while walk as men but they are not men. They serve the Others but they are not men. They are unholy things who use the tools of men but they are of Abhuman flesh & the 'Unbegotten Source'."
Laurence Kreeger
"That Knowledge Which Destroys" 1931 

The 'Naa-zsh' have cut a bloody path across parts of  Hyperborea with technologies that have not been seen in five thousand years!  Deep within the oceans of Hyperborea an army with no name stirs. Awoken from centuries of slumber the 'Naa-zsh' have come from Kephacha a forbidden grey & crypt like land of cold. This  outpost sticking out of the oceans like some bloody finger on the horizon, might be  a cursed perhaps damned remain of Atlantis that found its way from Old Earth. The land of the 'Naa-zah' might have once been an ancient hell meteor that circled Saturn none can say.

They're green grey skin & inhuman colorless eyes have no mercy or pity within them only the familiar report of their laser cross bows mark their passion for violence as another man is cut down. The 'Naa-zsh' are on some unholy mission on Hyperborea carrying out the will of an inhuman over mind that dwells else where. They burn whole villages seemingly searching for one or two individuals. There are those black necromancers or wizards who say they are an unholy fusion of  Hyperborean, abhuman flesh, & the tissues of Ubbo-Sathla.

"For Ubbo-Sathla is the source and the end. Before the coming of Zhothaqquah or Yok-Zothoth or Kthulhut from the stars, Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the steaming fens of the newmade Earth: a mass without head or members, spawning the grey, formless efts of the prime and the grisly prototypes of terrene life . . . And all earthly life, it is told, shall go back at last through the great circle of time to Ubbo-Sathla."
     —The Book of Eibon.

It is said by some that another even older race bore a similar resemblance to the 'Naa-zsh' and that they were from Mhu Thulan.That northern portion of ancient Hyperborea, which was supposed to have corresponded with Modem Greenland, which had formerly been joined as a peninsula to the main continent.These beings were traders in forbidden knowledge  known as "Zeta Reticulans" or "Viinnadorians" but the 'Naa-zsh' only bare the least passing resemblance to these beings. There are few black sages of Carus who insist that its the "Zeta Reticulans" are the ones behind the appearance of the 'Naa-zsh' upon the shores of Hyperborea. The ancient wizard Zon Mezzamalech might be the only one who knew for sure but he is long dead.

The raiders of 'Naa-zsh' arrive in submarines or airships & will survey a target village or settlement for a day or so. They will then attack using a heat ray that does 1d8X2 damage with a radius of 200 yards often set on giant crystal aiming device. Then men, women, & children will be slain using laser cross bows by ground troops. The victims will have  their brains,spines, and organs collected for unknown purposes by the 'Naa-zsh'.
These tactics often seems to put this race at odds with both the Mi Go & the Slaver Things from the Dreamlands. Ghouls of all types hate these beings & will attack them on sight but the ghouls can not explain why. Those of ghoul blood families can even sense when these beings are within a twenty foot radius this ability manifests as a pounding headache. The raiders have been found coming into conflict & even open warfare with certain ghoul clans conducting operations on Hyperborean ruins or lost cities. These sites are considered sacred to the ghouls which is of little concern to the 'Naa-zsh'.

The Raiders of 'Naa-zsh'

No Encountered: 2d6 

Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Dexterity: 11 
Armor Class: 5 (Bio-mechanical skin armor)
Hit Dice:3 
No Attacks:3/2 (weapon) 
Damage: (per weapon)
Saving Throw: 15
Treasure type: M(x2)

Specials :
Access to advanced relic Hyperborean technologies - The raiders use electric torches, anti grav belts, mini radium pistols (half ammo capacity & range), force screens & laser cross bows. For slave raids they use  paralysis pistols. They travel in submarines or advanced air ships, it is rumored that they have sky ships capable of traveling between planets and planes 

Immune to sleep, paralysis, fear, because of their advanced alien minds 
Able to cast extra sensory perception  & telepathy thrice per day 
The raiders can also cast hold person or hold monster twice per day. But this spell like ability seems to drain the 'Naa-zsh' of vital energies. They will be at a -1 after using this ability on victims.

It is known that the 'Naa-zsh' worship a horrid form  of Ubbo-Sathla which they ritually sacrifice victims to in abominable rites that are best not spoken about. This is done during the dark months when hundreds of slaves/sacrifices are collected after long months of raiding. They're leaders are said to be the eldest Naa-zsh who have evolved into near perfect intellects. This happens after mediating on the sacred mysteries of
Ubbo-Sathla for countless centuries & shedding their mortal flesh. They become disembodied alien brains living on advanced life support equipment while their intelligences ascends to another dimension ruling their people through puppets of flesh.
The Raiders of 'Naa-zsh' have begun to attack shore line communities on Hyperborea & using their air ships to raid the interior of Hyperborea for artifacts, slaves, & apparently a whole alien agenda. This last quality makes them an unknown & dangerous alien factor on the face of Hyperborea.

What are the random Lovecraftian goals of the Raiders of 'Naa-zsh'
This Week Table 

  1. We must raid three nearby human settlements for flesh this week to replenish the clone vats for our master's needs. 
  2. Human brains! We must have them for our bio drives for our new hive colonies! 
  3. The masters have called for more sacrifices for the gods for we must feed the nuclear chaos to expand our base of power for the up coming transition across space & time! 
  4. Gold, silver, the host of precious metals must be restocked so that we can forge the alloy of the Outer Gods for newest sky ships. We will need a human sensitive soul for our navigator unit. 
  5. The crab men have the crystals we need and so we must get new human stock animals for our cyber warrior units for the upcoming raids! 
  6. We need the mind of a powerful wizard to be transformed into the flesh of Ubbo-Sathla  to feed the power of our god's latest workings! To war we must go for the good of the hive!

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