Friday, November 30, 2018

Damage At Dunwater! - Latest Session Report

The little fishing town of Saltmarsh is threatened! Why are lizard men gathering force nearby and why have they been buying large quantities of weapons? A party of bold adventurers must answer these questions or the people of Saltmarsh will never live in peace!

So only by the grace of Moxie that I'm bring you my faithful readers this blog entry. For the last two days we've been on the road with sewing machine repairs but tonight I was able to get together with my players to run Damage At Dunwater. Damage is an OSR remix of U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh & U2 Danger At Dunwater. I've been running these modules with Troll Lord Games Amazing Adventures rpg.
So in tonight's adventure the PCs finally found their way to the lizard men shanty town at the edge of 2100 New York City's salt marshes around the Dunwater neighborhood. The party was introduced to two fishermen (smugglers connected loosely with the local thieves guild) who tried to sell them their catch of giant mutant crayfish. There was something very odd about these two as they'd been engaging in the Morlock drug & gene therapies.


 These therapies give the PC the following powers at level one danger sense, enhanced sense touch & dark vision, damage -slashing (claws),repair, but the PC suffers from light sensitivity, mood swings, & the occasional panic attack. At higher levels the PC is able to work for seventy two hour periods with only an hour rest period. They also have the ability to scan & understand higher level technologies with an intelligence roll. The Amazing Adventures Book of Powers contains some guide lines to help flesh these creatures out more fully coming up.
These two NPC fishermen lead the PC's deep into the reed beds & swampland by the docks just as one of the PC's ran into a Deep One scout who was about to shoot one of the fishermen. The NPC was going to reveal vital information! It took a bit of a scrap but the PC's managed to defeat the spawn of Dagon! But they set the dock on fire in the process. A hasty trip in the fishermen's row boat lead them deep in to the lizard men village.

Stacks of cargo containers, makeshift shacks, huts made from old shipping containers, led the PC's to the missing brother of one of the player's characters! He had been making  money for the lizardmen's war effort but had run afoul of the syndicate & thieves guild a few months before the arrival of the characters in the city. So after the Deep Ones had displaced the lizardmen Bruce N the brother of one of the PC's was hiding out in the lizardmen shanty town. Helping set up & doing the infrastructure of the village had been one his jobs. He had to dodge the slavers belonging to the Alchemist a dozen times. Meanwhile the lizardmen were gearing up for war as the Deep Ones kept pushing them for an invasion of New York!

Inside the lizardmen village the PC's confronted & tortured an alien frog mercenary warrior from the Orrt Cloud. Actually this was a Bullywug from the first edition AD&D Fiend Folio whom I dressed up with Amazing Adventures.

The bastard threatened the family of our PC & the lizardmen had him locked in a well constructed makeshift prison Faraday Cage.
Erlr Croakson 1st Commander of the 8th Tongue had a wide variety of spoils & odd items besides his alien armor & high tech short sword. When one of the PC's picked up a bracelet his mind  was whisked away to the underwater duckblind belonging to the Great Race of Yith whom were under attack by the Deep Ones! The PC who picked up the bracelet was inside the mind of the Yithian's commander! He began shouting orders to protect the base's reactor & protect the time gate of the Yithians.

The PC's rolled in to help the Great Race as the Deep One's shaman hit the PC's boat with the slow spell & then they began dropping chemical grenades on the shark infested waters. For the better part of an hour we played the combat with the Deep Ones! The idea of the Deep Ones gaining access to a time gate scares the crap out of the PC's!

So is this even remotely close to the Dave J. Browne, & Don Turnbull
classic U series of module?! Umm not even close & the reason is because of the fact that I'm playing with very experienced players. So I have to keep things moving & a bit fresh. So one way is to mix up the modules & monsters a bit. I took the maps of Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh & U2 Danger At Dunwater  then I turned the upside down & printed them out backwards. Next I took the stats for the fishmen from the Amazing Adventures rpg Manual of Monsters! 

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