Thursday, January 11, 2018

Crazied Cannibel Shape Shifters of the Western Wastelands - Olathoë' Session Report Seven

The PC's have been investigating the horrors of the 'Cockold God' whose adherents are shape shifters whose symbol was both the stag, the insect & something akin to humanity. These fools give up their own immortal souls & anchors to reality. The cult members see themselves as  have a holy duty to evolving into becoming prey for greater alien god things. There are those who believe that there is a connection between  the 'Cockold God''s cult &
Yhoundeh (The Elk-Goddess).

The magick of the 'Alpha  Gnophkehs''s shamans summoned something 'big ' out beyond the edge of the wilderness. The PC's heard the dying trumpets & screams of a herd of  woolly mammoths that something was feeding on out in the wilderness. Food stuffs all turned black & began to decay! There are other signs that something something nasty is on the horizon as several magic items turned to enchanted ice!?

The PC's  have run across a good aligned a Hyperborean  priest of Yog-Sothoth called Gr'res Ru who has seemingly appeared out of nowhere! A clue of his sudden appearance's can be found in his bearing witness to the events of wastelands!

Meanwhile the PC's have killed several 'goblin' warriors & subhuman things that should not be this far into the wastelands. These mad bastards representatives of the chaos gods have come with treasure from the edges of the human lands. What does this bode for the fabled lands of Lomar and where does this fit in with the tribes of the Inutos raiders that have been stalking the PC's?

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