Friday, January 12, 2018

1d6 Random Saturday Morning Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

So I got an email request for a random table for a Saturday morning cartoon treasure table for a  kids Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea  game adventure by a long time reader. These are going to be some treasures with a bit of treasures with an over stated series of magical effects & ideas.  The theme going in is going to a classic Harryhausen Sinbad style game with a pirate theme to it.

So I'm going to quickly put this together for a reader with the handle Harry Dent and his sons. The idea here is that these treasures have belonged to some of the weird inhuman creatures that seem to populate Saturday morning cartoons. This means that the effects are going to be weird & very quirky. There is a 60% of these treasures being guarded by pirates or 2nd level warriors obsessed with obtaining these items for their magical power & legendary prowess.

1d6 Random Saturday Morning Treasures Table
  1.   1d100 glowing gems that have the ability to temporarily bestow super strength after exposure to the gem's weird power for 5 rounds. The effect lasts 1d20 hours per exposure and there is a 20% chance of random mutation from each exposure unless a save vs wands is made. The gems are worth 50,000 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  2. 1d8 potions of healing whose effects also include making the victim's face and demeanor the subject of the effects of a fear spell each time a potion is consumed. The owner's face takes on a hideous continence the potion heals the poor fool. The potions are also a part of the formula for the ancient Philosopher's Stone.
  3. A wand of 1d20 random magic spells of 1st and 2nd level whose spells fire off with comedic sound effects and strange fairy lights. The wand once belonged to a gnome magus of incredible power whose tribe was lost to slavers. Worth 70,000 gold to the magus's family.
  4.  A book of Druid knowledge that is capable of being used by anyone. This book can be used to heal the land around a ten mile radius & was created by the legendary sky bears for use by their fabled druid priests. Humans using the book can read any sky bear runes & glyph writing. They temporarily gain dark vision within a 10 foot radius while holding the book. Worth 60000 gold pieces to a sky bear collector of relics.
  5. A chest of pirate gold capable of changing the owner into a ghostly form. The owner has all of the minor abilities of a ghost and can interact with the newly departed. The gold can be traded with the undead for passage into the Underworld and for certain favors from the lords of the undead. At the bottom of the chest is a map to the skeleton knight's treasures in the underworld but they will require a boon from the owner. There are several thousand gold pieces of the dead.
  6.  The golden sword of Ur, this legendary sword once belonged to the pirates of Ur and allows the owner to find the mythical dungeon under the sea that belonged to the pirates. The fishmen of Ur now guard the place and only this +2 sword can act as a key to their legendary undersea abode.The sword is worth a cool 20,000 gold pieces.

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