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"Blood On The Beach" An Old School Campaign Set Up For War - Using L1 The Secret of Bone Hill By Lenard Lakofka OSR Commentary

"Danger lurks in the Lendore Isles. Bands of evil creatures prowl the hills overlooking the town of Restenford, seeking unwary victims. Now you have come to this sleepy little village looking for adventure and excitement. You seek to fathom the unexplored reaches of Bone Hill and unlock the mysteries of Restenford."


 Lets get the details out of the way first;"The Secret of Bone Hill is an adventure module written by Lenard Lakofka for the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and published by TSR in 1981. It is designed for novice and intermediate players with characters of levels 2-4. The module received mixed reviews from critics." L1 The Secret of Bone Hill is an old favorite & its perfect for modification into a Sword & Sorcery location especially if we're using the Saltmarsh series of adventures as a part of the adventure path for PC's. This works especially well with my 'Old Earth' setting for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea second edition.

So if we're looking into the Saltmarsh adventure path it takes the PC's from level one through five but what background do we really have for the town of Saltmarsh itself? Absolutely nothing really. But I've seen over the last couple of years several threads about taking merging the fishing port of Restenford & the U series of adventures.
This unto itself unlocks several possibilities especially within my own home campaign where Iceland & Greenland were ripped from the Earth and put into the orbit around Saturn become the campaign's setting version of Hyperborea after the Hyperborea Wars. This event led to the rise of the remains of Atlantis out around Spain & its surrounding environs all tying back into Clark Aston Smith's Poseidonis cycle but with a far more Lovecraft Deep Ones style twist to it. Smith's Poseidonis is "the last isle of foundering Atlantis" & makes a great background for the fishing port of Restenford. These people count themselves as the last remains of Atlantis in an almost cargo cult like way. This whole adventure path is set up for an all out war with the Deep Ones that I don't know if the PC's can survive?
Once again the cycle for Clark Ashton Smith's Poseidonis cycle is:

L2 Assasins Knot would also fit the vibe of the U1 series as well as CAS's
Poseidonis cycle. The adventure  background & NPC's could further flesh out the entire affair with style and easy.

This campaign path will take the PC's from first all the way through fifth level with an option being to use Douglas Niles N1 Against the Reptile Cult as a way of dealing with the political  friction of the lizard men in the U series of adventures. This is a whole other blog entry for another time.

All of these adventures all center around the PC levels of 1-5 with some really interesting Clark Aston Smith & Lovecraftian details being able to be slipped into the campaign mix. All of this old school play sets the PC's up to face down the mysteries of another horrid situation  coming from the Port Greely area of the campaign. If the PC's have kept the Sea Witch from U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh then its a perfect set up for the party to sail into North Wind Adventures  The Mystery At Port Greely.
"Until about three years ago, the peculiar town of Port Greely was renowned as a prolific exporter of crustaceans. Then the Greely lobstermen severed all ties with outside partners. Subsequent attempts at renegotiation were shunned." What is the extent of the Deep One taint in the region? Is there a full blown Deep One cult there? This is going to be a part investigation
Now the PC's can see the full on fury of the menace that the Deep Ones represent and maybe survive the bloody onslaught. By doing the U1 series, plus L1 and maybe a side quest into N1 the PC's might have enough experience & backbone to take on the menace of Port Greely.

So where do the horrors of this style of campaign go? Well I've got ideas about this too coming up!

There is a ton of free resources for the Lenore Islands over at Dragon's Foot but some of the material would have to be extensively modified to fit this campaign path. 

Still there's some killer OSR material over there for free. 

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