Thursday, October 24, 2013

A 70's Sci fi Inspired Beta Max Black Stars Without Number Campaign - A Deadly Cargo From A Ghost Ship Actual Play

 Previously in the Talon Sector

Tonight's Stars Without Number game was a deadly race aboard a ghost ship as the crew tried to salvage a deadly cargo left behind by a mad A.I. of an old enemy.
It was a race against against time as dice were rolled and the clock was ticking!

As each cargo unit was disarmed they were shipped back to the party's ship!
 Yet it was a race against time as soldier bots clanked their way across the hull of the ship on mag lock foot at a time. Each was activated by a last command of the mad A.I. the heroes faced two weeks ago.


Yet they were determined to turn a profit from their efforts and salvage.
 I wasn't going to make it easy as weird cargoes cropped up now and then. An energy rifle discharge gave every one a start and the Soldier bots  regrouped and upgraded their programming.
Just when all seemed lost thing got really interesting as a Spike drive signature entered the system.
A vulture fleet entered system and would arrive within two hours. They had things to do and to get done with things in a hurry! Did I mention the Martian trade dowery that was aboard the former pirate ship whist all this was going on that they still had to recover? 

 The mecha, combat space suits, and their hacker each went into over time as the party walked on the skin of the haunted space wreck to do battle with still more soldier bots to recover the dowery. The fate of two worlds rested in their hands as the laser flew and one of the party was almost critically injured. But who was heading the vulture fleet and why were they after the party? 

The former space wreck turned itself into an antimatter bomb and boiled itself away into space.
The party left system engaged the Spike drive and left as quickly as they could!
Meanwhile an old enemy pondered quietly to himself over the view screen. 


Praxis Class Infantry Warbot
Number Appearing 1d8 

Armor Class 4  
Hit Dice 2 (10) 
Attack Bonus +5 
Damage 1d8 +2 Maser Rifle 
Saving throw 14+
Morale 12 
Skill bonus +2 
These pretech mass produced soldier bots were used extensively throughout the Talon system and facilities for their manufacture are still available in some systems. They are swift, concise, and without mercy making them the perfect soldiers who will follow orders to the letter. These units are deployed when violence and killing need the cold calcuating aspect of a computer mind to work its utterly ruthless evil. 


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun.

  2. Its been a very challenging game so far. And there's more to come! Thanks for the comment!


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