Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Witch & Switch?! Tegel Manor Session Report - Witches, Goblins, Slavery,& Machinations

So last night the home campaign was going full tilt, I had all my players there & the events were going well. The PC's faced down a group of goblins & an orc shaman who was working for the Rump's bodyguard/witch NPC. She's a member of the Le Fey family/coven of witches that are ubiquitous throughout my campaigns. She bares are striking resemblance to Spencer's version of Morgan Le Fey. She's almost always well out of harms way when the PC's are around. Eriri Le Fey is a master manipulator, witch, & murderess of the highest order.

She's employed a group of goblin raiders & their orc shaman leader who she ported in from Fairyland. These disposable cannon fodder erm I mean mercenaries were to activate a bunch of ley line chaos shrines that were scattered across the former battle fields of the area.
The player's PC's stopped this from happening with the aid of the local priestess of Thor who recruited the party to prevent this from happening. She gave the PC's information about a group of Welsh slaves who had been bought from the goblins & their orc shaman. Where they had come from is unknown at this time but there is some indication of them being refugees from some foreign war. The goblins bought them on the cheap from a group of human pirates & sold them on with a profit.

By ten o'clock my head cold hit & it hard. I completely zoned out. I had to go home after this & completely apologized to my players today. How does all of this tie in with the manor house & its roaming across time & space?! We've got a massive twist coming up!

Now the player's PC's have to free the slaves & thwart the machinations of

Eriri Le Fey & her masters!?! And where the Hell did these slaves come from?!

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