Sunday, October 7, 2018

1d12 Random Sword & Sorcery Encounters With Alien Mummies & Their Kind Table

The red star burnt the night sky like a lidless eye stretching its gaze across the world. Sheri The Lawless One moved her company across the monastery threshold. She had lost contact with Vartain her former lover & 'business partner'. She had warned him & brought him here after she had sent 'Thama The Twisting Acrobat' & her party of outlaws here. Now Vartain & the girl who was like a daughter to Sherri had both been swallowed by this place. She brought her Lawless Ones to back her up. They were using the crypt door provided by the old hallow toothed hermit's map. The party made 160 feet into the crypt when she felt the cold lidless eyes staring at her from the darkness.

She saw Vartain's face to late before his wrapped hand had touched her between breast & chest. Her face was happy, then panicked, & then horrified all in miroseconds as the thing that had once been her husband. She cut the hand off but the creeping cold of 'the Other Place' crept across her flesh bringing the hungry other worldly rot with it.  She whirled fast catching the arm & cutting off within the blink of an eye.The Lawless finished the mummy that had been Vartain with oil & fire. The carefully wrapped corpse smoldered with silent screams from no working vocal cords.

Why had the undead monks wrapped Vartain's corpse? She had her answers & needed gold for the alien Har'ca priests to cure 'the rot' that was working its way through her cells.  They burnt everything they found in the room & quickly left there was something very dangerous in this place!

1d12 Random Sword & Sorcery Encounters With Alien Mummies  & Their Kind Table
  1. This former insect headed priestess whose been mummified into a multi armed horror filled with mummy rot. She has 2 amulets worth 200 gold pieces. 
  2. A strange floating carcass of a hulking horror that has rotted and desiccated into a roving horror of decay & murder. This monster has a strange dagger worth 100 gold pieces but closer inspection reveals it to be a +2 dagger of Thoth. 
  3. A weird & strange monster is a set of six bodies sewn together & run though with mummy rot. the monster has two +2 swords for arms & a vicious streak about it 
  4. A floating mummified of a priest of Set now wandering this location. It has the power to curse & make a bite attack for 1d6 points of damage because it can unhinge its jaw. 
  5. The corpse of an adventurer now turned into a dog headed mummy guardian. It has two jade daggers worth 100 gold pieces but hasn't the brain power to use them. 
  6. This strange cone like being is full of mummy rot & has a bisected mouth on its trunk. It hates all creatures & will try to murder anyone it comes across. 
  7. A former acrobat whose arms have been replaced by alien tendrils. The thing will flay any it comes across with spores full of 'the rot'.
  8. A giant mummified floating eye ball with a ray attack that acts as a wand of frost! The eye has a mouth in its iris & will devour anyone it comes across. 
  9. A pack of 1d8 alien insect mummified monkeys capable of all kinds of murderous mayhem!
  10. 1d10 mummified alien goblin like creatures who take the eye balls of their victims! They have 1d20 golden necklaces each worth 10 gold pieces. 
  11. A golden mummified humanoid giant like creature capable of breaking PC's in half. The thing will chase them at twice the speed of a normal mummy. 
  12. A mummified orc chieftain infected with slug like parasites capable of animating corpses as per a zombie under the chieftain's control. He has a treasure worth 600 gold pieces

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