Wednesday, August 22, 2018

OSR Commentary & Review On The Free Adventure- WL1: Tower Hill By Auhr Lanse

"The village of Tower Hill has become victim to series of pranks, each getting more deadly. Can your adventurers save the town from it's assailant?"

So for the past twenty four hours I've been bogged down with sewing machine repair work. I've gotten a request for a friend whose starting a new fall game with some folks.The idea is  to get him a lower level but solid adventure to get started on his B/X Dungeons & Dragons game! He also requested that it should be easy to access. So I grabbed T1 The Tower Hill from the Dragon's site & its been written & designed for levels  1 to 6 players, levels 2 to 6 (12 levels in total) according to the site. The adventure feels a bit pesudo Celtic with a weird twist of the Otherworld about it. Things are starting to turn very deadly in the Tower Hill region.
"Tower Hill had a long running “friendly” rivalry with a LEPRECHAUN named OsloVenypep. Many locals have been humiliated by Venypepʼs antics but also a fair number of times those same behaviors have warned the villagers of danger or harassed that  danger out of the area.
As such Venypep is something of a local anti-hero...until recently. It started a few weeks back when a farmer was boasting about his prized horse. That night his barn caught fire. While the farmer and his family desperately fought to save the animals they could hear Venypep shrieking and laughing at them from the darkness."

Events in the module go from bad to worse quickly for the player's PC's with encounters following some of the usual D&D ideals but there's definitely a European twist or two here that American players may find very interesting.Author Auhr Lanse has created a nicely themed mini adventure world all under thirty six pages. The flavor of the encounters & the monsters evoke the ideals of the setting quite nicely but this a slightly deadly little adventure romp.  There's a solid amount of dungeon & adventure crawling as the adventure's plot tightens around the PC's. There's a fair bit of everything here & with a little effort this adventure can be dropped into any existing campaign.
 This adventure could easily be ported over into any number of retroclone campaign settings. Dark Albion quickly springs to mind as well as setting this whole affair in the Keltic region of Hyperborea of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 

There's some pretty primal elements of T1 & these could easily be translated over to Lamentations of the Flame Princess even.  T1 The Tower Hill squeezes just enough adventure to keep player's PC's moving along at a good & yet solid clip without overwhelming the DM. The adventure is a good introduction to a Celtic themed campaign without falling into the usual moments of self parody. The cartography isn't bad for this being a free adventure & its really up to the usual standards of Dragon's All in all its not badly done & for a fast evening's entertainment this a well rounded & written adventure!

You Can Download 
The Tower Hill Right Here

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