Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1d4 Random Armband Relics Found In The Wastes Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Deep in the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis there are tribes of mutant warrior metal smiths who work with the weird and strange metals found in the strange alien ruins to create unique and strange works of metalic art and relics to help protect their fighters from the ravages of the other dimensional energies and demons that rage across this horrid landscape. Here then are 1d4 random armbands that are traded with freebooters and adventurers to maybe help them survive the ravages of the wasteland horrors.

1d4 Random Armband Relics Found In The Wastes Table

  1. The armband of Shar'ra - This armband has been created from the beaten hull of an alien spacecraft of baroque and strange design. Two figures of ancient alien antiquity look out onto the world with dead and uncaring eyes. The armband must be bonded to its owner through a wisdom roll, once done the owner gains an uncanny quickness to his movements and dexterity score with a +3 as the band's magick energies race through the owner's body. The fool's life will be cut by 1d10 years as the alien energies burn out and ravage the owner's life. 
  2. The armband of the False Triton - The owner of this greenish but not quite gold metal will have a beautiful but disturbingly alien armband. The armband has been carved from a sheet of metal from the ruins of Dagon's forbidden temple deep in the wastelands. It allows its owner three times a day the powers of a ring of evasion allowing the owner to go out of phase with the normal space time continuum. The owner of this armband will gain a slight greenish cast to their skin and certain animals will not come near nor like them. The owner must bath in salt water every new moon as well. 
  3. The armband of the Twin Moons - This armband of a strange silver metal seems to call to its owner and it allows the owner to gain infravision for twenty feet three times per day. The owner also gains +2 to their hand to hand attacks as strange horny grows spring up from their knuckles. They will be -1 on their Dexterity as their human or near human body tries to cope with the strange alien energies. The owner will have a strange red blue mark around their face when wearing this armband but why is unknown. Each new moon the owner will undergo a subtle Jekyll and Hyde personality shift gaining +2 strength and luscious nature.
  4. Armband of the Volcano God - This armband requires a piece of metal and molten volcanic glass from the plane of fire and cooled in the desert for forty five days and on the forty sixth day a mutant shaman traps the spirit of the elemental essence within the bounds of an armband. The relic three times per day allows a flaming spark of super charged electricity & fire to be hurled at an opponent within a twenty foot radius. The spark's electrical fire will do 3d6 +2 damage and has 40% chance of shorting out an electrical relics upon the opponent's person. The target is not only cooked but will be stunned for four rounds as the electrical element of the attack plays marry havoc with the target's nervous system. The splinter of the Volcano god bound within the armband is a jealous thing and will not allow any other magickal attacks or spells to be used by the owner of this armband. Once per week the armband may be used to heal the owner of a random amount of damage by rolling a 1d10. The horrid energies of the volcano god will rage through the owner. The downside of using this item is that the owner of the band is subject to extreme bouts of flatulence which might sometimes be seriously flammable due to the gas content. 

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