Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Resource And Download - The Book of Miscellaneous Spells For Your Old School Campaigns

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 The Book of Miscellaneous Spells by Andrew Hamilton is a retroclone friendly OSR style supplement  of spells for about 90% of the AD&D style games currently on the market.
The book clocks in at fifty five pages of sheer brilliant spells that had their origins going all the way back to a thread on Dragon's foot. They're so much more though.
According to the book : 
This supplement is compatible with
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) TM
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition (AD&D 2E) TM, and open gaming license versions of these games
including OSRIC TM. With game master ingenuity and translation,
this adventure is also compatible with the original
Dungeons & Dragons TM, including the Holmes, Moldvay/Cook, Mentzer/BECMI/RC, and
open gaming license versions of these games
These are very well thoughtout and balanced spells that can save a character's bacon in many different campaigns and with a bit of ingenuity they've even got an application or two in a science fiction or fantasy style campaign. Have I mentioned that their free?
Andrew Hamilton does a great job here and the editing job is well done. There are some really weird spells and some useful ones. This is a well rounded mixed bag of stuff.
With a bit of work these spells might do well in a science fantasy or Spell Jammer style game as well. They might possibly be used by DM for weird wizard NPC's or the like.
The spells are made up in the usual AD&D first edition style of spells and easily used by a wide variety of classes form wizards to clerics they're all represented here.
The material reminds me of the old Game Science spell books that had a ton of spells and applications. The limit here is really a player and DM's imagination.
With a bit of work these spells could be used in a sword and sorcery campaign game like Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg quite easily.
 We even get a cross section of Druid spells here and some serious magic user action here. These aren't campaign level make or breaker spells. These are adventurer spells that will give a player a well balanced edge but nothing that will unbalance your games. All in all this is a pretty solid free download from the folks at '&'magazine.
 Grab this one while you can! 

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