Monday, September 26, 2016

Free OSR Monster Resource - Monsters of Myth By The First Edition Society For OSRIC & Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes a dungeon master needs something a bit weirder or stranger then the standard dungeon horrors and of course it all goes back to basics for me. Monsters of Myth by 'The First Edition Society'  was either the first or second monster book that I downloaded and had printed up.According to the official blurb on Rpgnet;"Monsters of Myth is an old-school bestiary inspired in both style and content by the original Monster Manual, Monster Manual II, and Field Folio for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and serves as both a sequel and a tribute to those books. The almost 150 monsters are entirely new, but compatible with AD&D (via OSRIC)."

GRAB Monsters of Myth
By The First Edition Society HERE

  So way back in 2006 the First edition society got together & made a solid monster book in the tradition of the Monster Manual & Fiend Folio for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. So why I'm I dragging this pdf from another age into the light of day? Well because it's got a ton of monsters that can be used at your table to scare the crap out of players. These are not your standard horrors of the dungeon instead you get a whole package of weirdness with new giants, dragons, demons, and more.
These horrors can also be used in the wastelands of your favorite post apocalyptic wasteland or far flung asteriod or sword & planet adventure with a bit of old school math magic. The majority of these creatures are very dangerous to the life and limb of adventurers. This is a monster book that I've used over the years to build adventures around and to stick monsters into the dark background of certain styles of AD&D  campaigns.
 Why should you care besides its free & mostly forgotten by the majority of the  OSR crowd? Besides the fact that the vast majority of these critters has a pulptastic sword & sorcery feel?
As one reviewer notes "
The book is very much a tribute to the style and feel of classic AD&D, with art and text that old fans of the hobby will find fitting for the era of the late 70's to early 80's. The book would also prove useful to newer gamers who enjoy systems such as Castles & Crusades and other more recent "reductionist" style versions of the D20 system such as Basic Fantasy or Swords & Wizardry'

These monsters are very well done and easily usable in a Halloween sword and sorcery fest which is exactly what I'm going to do. If you want a physical copy Black Blade sells this bad boy for about thirty bucks and its well worth the price of admission.

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