Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Running 'The Pay What You Want' Dungeon From A Distant Star Adventure From Robertson Games As Part Of The Warlord Of The Outer Worlds Actual Play Event

Today was one of those days that I wasn't quite up to my usual standard of gaming; I had taken my father to a new doctor today some forty miles away and after coming back I was completely mentally blown or so I thought. I suddenly looked and it was seven PM and my players were out in my driveway for tonight's Warlords of the Outer Worlds game. I was caught with my pants down or was I? I hadn't designed the interior of the ruins of a Dwarven tower that in last week's game the PC's had discovered.
So I calmly opened my note book and there right in the middle of my binder was Dungeon From A Distant Star From  Robertson Games
I've run this dungeon back to front so many times since it came out in 2011 and tonight it got turned into the interior structure of the Dwarven citadel/tower. My PC's weren't happy at all especially coming across some of the science fantasy weirdness of this classic science fantasy dungeon. Why? Well because the dungeon features some very unexpected sci fi style weirdness with: A flying saucer buried underground for hundreds of years lies a spaceship from the 3rd planet in the Altair system. While heavily damaged, the ship still has power for many of its systems and doors and lights are still fully operational in most sections. Will you be the first to explore The Dungeon From A Distant Star and uncover it's otherworldly secrets?An old school one-page dungeon including dungeon map, legend, wandering monsters, random tables and descriptions for 23 separate rooms. This module also features some of my all time favorite AD&D monsters &  fan favorites such as the vegepygmy and the Flumph as an alien race encounters!

With a bit of creativity the party of adventurers managed to make it through most of the major parts of the dungeon and into the control room where the remains of several Dwarven heroes awaited them and the weird final boss. They faced down Grey zombies and other wonderfully weird undead plus a boss alien undead thing in the center of the control room but they only managed to get through half of the dungeon tonight. They didn't happen to come across the room of vegepygmy tribesmen yet. They've also released at least one beakotopus after a pitched battle with android adherers in one of the saucer's corridors.

All in all using Dungeon From A Distant star was downright fun and as a quick pick up adventure this one went down quickly, it's material fit the over all style and tone of the campaign setting. I can't recommend this classic adventure enough to those who want to fight against some unusual monsters in a wholly original dungeon sci fi adventure location. Five out of five for this OSR classic!

So grab some dice and remember to make the save!

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