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1d12 Random Nightmares, Demons, & Horrors From Beyond The Pale Of Dreams Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventurers often encounter horrors from beyond the pale of reality. Monsters, demons, and horrors from other times and places left over after the nightmares have ended to trouble and inflict harm upon anyone who ventures to closely to them. These horrors often carry the taint of the Outer Darkness or the deep dreaming those exposed to them can pick up the stain of mutation or worse. Those exposed these  horrors and fight with them must save vs wands or develop 1d6 minor mutations or 1d4 major mutations as degeneration of their reality sets in. These monsters often haunt the outer borders of other realities but sometimes enter the wastelands through cracks & schisms or weak points where they find them. They are monsters of the most extreme type and horrors that should be used wisely and carefully in adventures.

"  But when he came to study those who had thrown off the old myths, he found them even more ugly than those who had not. They did not know that beauty lies in harmony, and that loveliness of life has no standard amidst an aimless cosmos save only its harmony with the dreams and the feelings which have gone before and blindly moulded our little spheres out of the rest of chaos. They did not see that good and evil and beauty and ugliness are only ornamental fruits of perspective, whose sole value lies in their linkage to what chance made our fathers think and feel, and whose finer details are different for every race and culture. Instead, they either denied these things altogether or transferred them to the crude, vague instincts which they shared with the beasts and peasants; so that their lives were dragged malodorously out in pain, ugliness, and disproportion, yet filled with a ludicrous pride at having escaped from something no more unsound than that which still held them. They had traded the false gods of fear and blind piety for those of license and anarchy. "
The Silver Key By HP Lovecraft

Dream taint and nightmare plagues often follow in the wake of those who dwell in the reality of dreams for too long. These taints  can sometimes take the form of dream rot. A type of weird reality warping that follows in the wake of those who adventure deep in the realms of dreams for too long. There is a 20% chance of dream energies rotting or damaging the fabric of the local space time continuum. When dream rot takes a hold it does 1d6 points of damage to any non materials, organic or living materials are warped, altered, and stressed by these energies. The phenomena is thought to be closely tied with chaos & mutation; it is also thought that the plague of trolls and horrid mutation spread by these energies is closely associated with nightmare plagues. Nightmare plagues are created when dream rot jumps from mind to mind as reality breaks down around its victims and chaos runs amok creating monsters & mutants from its victims. Those affected by nightmare plagues must save vs death or be inflicted with 1d30 mutations of the most horrid variety as their personal reality breaks down around its victims.

  1. Hal-arhaugu an ancient warrior whose exposure to the horrors of other planes has twisted him & mutated him into a giant two headed troll of exceptional evil who loves to feed on children through their dreams. He is greedy & evil beyond reproach no deed is too evil for this being.
  2. Keloruatlal Logghaz- An adventurer who has been turned into a hag of the most foul aspect after dealing and fighting with demons of far off dream lands.
  3. Mimengo A troll like mutant who was once an adventurer of exceptional bravery whose slowly mutating into something far more horrid. It often crawls out from between the planes to take the faces from the young and beautiful. This being lusts after relics & other personal treasures for their sense of personal property of their owners. He wants to be 'close' with his victims. This mutant also knows how to use technology & other relics of the Ancients.
  4. Ngotula Orimotur- Giant troll with a streak of demonic blood in her. This being stalks the hallways & hidden paths of nightmare for her victims. She slaughters her victims & sells their souls to a gang of slaver hags between planes & the underworld. She uses a meat cleaver named Benedict for her crimes.
  5. Mimengo- A former demon who was melted with a victim & a troll, the resulting monster moves between the planes of dream stalking its victims & acting as a bounty hunter for wizards of exceptional evil. The thing has the ability to temporarily take on the faces & abilities of its victims to captures its prey.
  6. Ngotula an ancient demonic force who is now a spectral wraith like being after having its body destroyed by adventurers. This thing wanders the planes in search of keyholes in time & space where it can access the minds of sleepers to enter their dreams to feast on their souls. This foul thing is a parasite that loathes itself & others. It mind rapes those it can and feasts on the souls of all others. A monster in every sense of the word. This being drips with the horror of its existence.
  7. Orimotur The soul of a former banker now twisted into a demonic troll of exceptional evil. This being slips between the cracks of dreams & nightmares to stalk as well as kill its prey in sleep. This being stalks and kills its victims for dreams of innocence a state it can never have again. It is being whose features & existence seem to run like wax because of its exposure to dream energies.
  8. Otha - A former woman warrior & enchantress whose quest for power turned her into a killer of dreams. She tried to climb back up the path of redemption but fell into the darkest pits of damnation. Now her eyes glow with the power of horror & mutation as she slits throats during sleep. She feels she is a warrior for chaos when all she is a killer or murderer of the highest order. She is well on her way to becoming demon of horrid aspect.
  9. Rgonglir- Once a wise man & wizard, this being is now a bent, twisted lump of a troll like mutant that has been hurled into the deepest pits of dream & nightmare. His time there has given him 1d20 exceptional magical like abilities but it has made him a murderous being stalking dreamers for their energies and souls. He lusts after the wisdom of dreamers upon which he feeds.
  10. Moringoronc- A wizard whose used the dreams of others for his magic far too often. This wizard is now more demon then human as he trades on the nightmares & souls of others for the favors of far more powerful lords of nightmare. He uses hooks, knives, and other sharp enchanted blades to cut the cords of his victims and enchanted jars to steal their souls.
  11. Ianaullargoro- A demon of insanity with a tongue twisting name it can't stop saying because it will sink back into the nightmare lands. This fiend likes the eyes and ears of its victims to replace its own.
  12. Lkantull'Dotu - An ancient dream demon who loves to torment his victims before ripping them apart in dreams over & over. The thing loves to steal bits and pieces from his victims, he's got caches of treasure and baubles across many planes.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Edgar Allan Poe
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