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1d20 Random Sacred Guardians Of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are places in the wastelands where adventurers, outlaws, & wanderers shouldn't go. There are things from the angles of time and nightmare that stalk these places hunting for the souls of men. Guardians that were set upon the world before it burned within its own fires. There are echoes of guardians painted in artwork and with the soul fire of the planes, these are the sacred guardians of the wastelands & they do hunger.

These life forces are summoned from the half forgotten dream energies that course through the blank spaces of the universes. They can be called forth with certain twisting weird ways of the gods of Law but beware for these are alien orders & they come from strange hidden realms of the gods of Law themselves. Many a cleric has found themselves infected with these strange energies for arrogantly thinking themselves immune to the dripping weird orders of the gods of Law. For what man knows of the order & the ways of the gods?  Out in the wastelands these pieces of art sing the praises of Order even as they guard the last bastions of the Ancients. There is a 30% chance of a character becoming infected with the songs of Law for interacting & even studying these pieces of artwork in the wastelands. The songs of Law & Order will haunt their dreams & only a remove curse or a limited wish has a chance of removing the cursed infected weirdness from a PC cursed by this horror. Often times PC's will act as beacons for these sacred guardians as the song plays across the wounded mind of a PC. Sacred guardians often haunt the byways and ruins where law once flourished and even in places where super science thrived. The aura of law attracts these spirits and life forms which continue to protect these bastions in the wastes. Here then are 1d20 random sacred guardians ghostly encounters to bedevil your adventurers in the wastelands.

  1. An ancient pack of ghostly sacred tigers & cats who prowl these ruins in search of trespassers & outlaws. They breath fire and kill anyone they can catch. They also can trace any relic or sacred object taken from this ruin for over a hundred miles. 
  2. A herd of  bison from the god of home and order who guards this place, these animals appear each night and glow with an unearthly aura of the gods. They love to stampede over the bodies of evil men and adventurers tearing apart the souls of such fools. 
  3. A flock of ravens belonging to the soul of the A.I. of this place, these entities are called from the depths of its unconsciousness and appear at night to guard against any who would violate the sacred sleep of this entity. 
  4. The darkest depths of this place ring with the hoof beats of ghostly goats who actually can throw out bolts of electricity for 1d6 points of damage. The goats are sacred to a lawful version of a thunder god who has left them here for centuries. 
  5. Giant glowing insects sacred to the termite goddess who guards this place. These insects will consume anyone taking relics from this place and curse anyone who violates these sacred grounds. 
  6. A giant saber toothed tiger sacrificed eons ago has had its spirit awakened & now prowls the grounds around this ruin guarding the sacred scrolls. People who sleep within one mile will have their dreams disturbed by dreams of giant cat like creatures. 
  7. A giant ghost of a thunder bird haunts this valley its cries echo across dreams even as its talons rip apart those who violate and trespass on these lands. The twelve scared objects of Order rest here. 
  8. 1d20 small cat like carnivores haunt these ruins their spirits moving across time & space to rip apart whatever comes their way except priests of Law who serve the great spirit of order.  
  9. The sacred spider spirit that moves the stars into place in the sky here watches for intruders. Those who come to plunder this cemetery of the ancients will find themselves cast within the low sky webs of this spirit. 
  10. The ancient A.I. each night summons the totem spirit of order in the form of an ancient sky whale. The whale floats along silently until it unleashes its 1d20  dream ghosts of former warriors of the ruins here. They ride in on wings of moonlight. 
  11. The ground swims with the spirits of giant worm like humanoid things that are actually the guardians of these ruins once a laboratory of super science & the sorceries of Law. 
  12. A herd of the sacred bulls of Zeus guard this place their thunderous hoof beats echo with the thunder of his vengeance against those who would violate this place. 
  13. 1d20 giant floating ghostly eyes of Law haunt this place supposedly the torn apart pieces of the eyes of order that watched over the ancients. 
  14. A monstrous lizard like horror haunts this place its skin marked with the sacred symbols of order. The thing rampages across the wastes at night tearing apart any chaos or outlaws it finds. Its radioactive claw prints mar the ground where it has passed. 
  15. 1d20 vulture like reptile birds dedicated to the ancient goddess of the wastelands bare the marks of order now and guard this place against all who would steal the sacred relics of law from a small shrine here. 
  16. A huge cloud creature created in the days of the ancients of an alien order has come into existence here. There are rumors of the death of a god of order but none have proven it. The thing kills oath breakers and tress passers with a poisonous touch and choking gas attacks. The thing can flow into the smallest cracks. Only symbols of order drive it off. 
  17. A small spirit of a little girl haunts this place demanding order; she curses anyone foolish enough to ignore her warnings. She can kinetically hurl objects weighing hundreds of pounds around like toys. Many living adventurers and mutants have become her victims. 
  18. A ghostly white bison like creature haunts this place summoned from the dreams of a small boy priest of law who dwells here. The thing is terror incarnate and will hunt down anyone it deems unfit of Law. 
  19. A tri headed god of law haunts this place a shadow of its former self but now a spirit of law and order tearing apart anyone who breaks the laws of these sacred ruins of the ancients. 
  20. A black ball like guardian of order who haunts the lands here and comes from the nightmares of its prey. This ball like guardian can curse those who cross it or use a ray of order that does 1d8 points of damage to anything within 50 feet of it. 
There is a 30% chance of summoning a sacred guardian when coming within a hundred feet or so of the ruins that these creatures are charged with protecting. Sacred guardians are summoned with a special 4th level cleric of law spell or a monster summoning spell with an offering of no less then 8000 gold pieces in magic items or wasteland relics. Certain caves in the wastelands are often small shrines dedicated to order and feature artwork where these spirits dwell.

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