Monday, September 19, 2016

1d6 Random Flesh of The Gods Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In the wastelands where the lesser gods have done battle & retreated down into the depths of the Earth to await the time when the stars are right again. The still living flesh of some of their victims still lives & bleeds on the battle fields of ancient forgotten places under the undying sun. This divine toxic waste of undecaying flesh births monsters & is highly prized by black wizards & mad scientists. The ground seeps in the blood of the gods and chaos reigns around the landscape when these horrors fall from the skies.

There are rumors of black markets where the flesh of the lesser gods fetches a hefty price of over three thousand gold pieces a pound & only the energy tools of the long lost serpent men or the atomic knives of  K'n-yan.can cut this super dense still living tissue of the gods. This material is perfect for summoning demons from the Outer Darkness. Anyone consuming this stuff is going to have to make a save vs poison or explode in shower of weird mutational horror as their tissue courses with the other worldly energies of the gods.  Monsters & other living terrors are birthed from it every 1d8 days & strange radiations dance around the flesh every 1d20 hours.
1d6 Random Flesh of The Gods Encounter Table

  1. 1d6 calf sized purple worms churn in the ground under the flesh as the sky cracks with weird & deadly radiations of a sinister nature. Anyone coming near the clouds of strange swamp like gas must make a save vs poison check or suffer a deadly coughing fit plus a mutation check as they throw up 1d4 rot grubs every hour. 
  2. 1d20 giant mosquitoes hatch from the strange smelling blood liquid that puddles around the quivering mass of flesh. These horrors will swarm around any human or near human present and try to suck them dry. These horrors buzzing almost sounds like the mad laughter of a crazy man. 
  3. 1d6 trolls are being birthed from the interior flesh like tumors on the ground. These horrors love to hunt and kill humans for sport and food. They're very deadly and they're armed with bone knives taken from past victims. 
  4. There are 1d6 zombie dinosaurs animated by the energies of the flesh, the horrors fight to defend themselves and node of animating energy. Plus they're also pulsing with a frightening corruption borne of the flesh of the gods. 
  5. 1d8 macro cellar organisms have been birthed onto this plane from the weird god flesh. They will attack and kill anyone who comes across they're path and their so hungry. 
  6. 1d20 imps from the Abyss have been birthed from the corrupted flesh of the gods. These horrors love to murder anyone they come across. The nice thing is the fact that they're being born into the world by some dark impulse and instinct within the flesh itself.
The flesh of the gods will turn any ordinary or prehistoric animal into a killer with the instincts of a psychopath on the loose. These monsters will go out of their way to track and kill PC's with an unerring sense of violence & depravity.

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