Wednesday, September 14, 2016

For The Love Of Tsathoggua - Venger Satanis's New Kickstarter Trinity of Awesomeness


So when it comes to watching what's coming down the OSR or hobby track I'm possibly one of the late fans to the table except for some of my favorite OSR writers or designers. Venger Satanis is on my list for sure, there are three reasons for this his O5R material is weird, easily adaptable, he's prolific, & the man runs a tight Kickstarter. Now with the on coming birth of twins in the Satanis household he's on a bit of a crusade to get some incredible adventures out there. He's not got one adventure out there on Kickstarter he's got three;"3 short scenarios for old school RPGs by Venger Satanis: Slaves of Tsathoggua, A Green Jewel They Must Possess, and Slippery When Wet."
Each of these three adventures is connected with one of Kort'thalis Publishing's other O5R rpg's. Slaves of Tsathoggua is connected with and has been created for Crimson Dragon Slayer RPG, but would be suitable for any fantasy rule-set with a minimum of conversion.  This is a sort of dark science fantasy adventure with a real theme of 'what's in the cave'
I'm really digging on A Green Jewel They Must Possess which slots itself some place between a nightmare & the Heavy Metal movie from 1981. The basic premise is that a Loc Nar like jewel has been found & its worth a fortune & the adventure scratches the investigative Lovecraftian adventure itch. The basic plot goes something like this:" A glowing green sphere with spiritual powers has been discovered in Peru, but it's cursed because people keep dying.  Obviously, it's worth a fortune." This one is geared for 'The Outer Presence rpg crowd ie you Call of Cthulhu types.

Finally we get into the hard core element with a bit of the Alpha Blue vibe & 'The Slippery When Wet'. This is going to be a space romp with an Underwater theme ala several of those doomed under the ocean films of the Seventies seen through the Alpha Blue lens. The basic plot screams Alpha Blue in spades;"After a large-scale assault, the PCs hitch a ride on an underwater vessel named the bearded clam.  Their destination is the undersea citadel Aqua Vulva."
Personally I think that the world & the Alpha Blue rpg system need more adventures with the release of the two mammoth sourcebook/adventures Universal Exports & Girls Gone Rogue its time for a nice sleazy space opera to even things out in the universe of Alpha Blue.

So why are these adventures important? Well, besides the fact that the author/designer is actually supporting his own rpg product line with follow up adventures. This kickstarter is going to be the last we see of Venger until the Satanis twins appear in the world (congrats to the Satanis family btw), this means that we're getting three titles to unleash on our unsuspecting players. New material, new monsters, high weirdness, and all of the sleaziness you come to expect with a Kort'thalis Publishing product! So get in on this one and let's get those adventures unleashed on your unspecting players!

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