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1d12 Random Warriors,Wanderers, Wastelanders, & Cavemen Encounter Table For Your OId School Campaigns

They come from across the wastelands, the forgotten places, & the darkest corners of the planes. Warriors,wanderers, wastelanders, & supposedly primitive warriors are often far more then they appear. These beings are not to be trifled with for they have the power that boils in their genes and from their gods.

None of these NPC's will be surprised by technology nor awed by space craft. They've been across the wastelands & have become wise to the ways of the 'civilized'. They are beings of folly & have faults as others but they are very crafty as well as quick to learn.
'What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.'
Robert Howard 'The Phoenix on the Sword'  1932


1d12 Random Warriors,Wanderers,
Wastelanders, & Cavemen  Encounter Table

  1. Dulillabel a second level fighter whose gained the ability to create lightning three times per day with a range of 20 feet that does 1d8 per strike. He is on a mission for his people to seek a cure for a plague that is affecting them and killing them off.
  2. Eldurdrangungw - A shape shifting warrior woman of shamanic aspect whose body is marked by each change with weird tattoos and whirling scars across her body. She is dangerous & amoral. She is also a sixth level shaman.
  3. Farg - More ape then man this being is a berserk of extreme temperament whose body takes blow that would kill most men. He is a fifth level beserker & mercenary, his primitive feature belay a fierce nature of ruthless abandon.
  4. Glogorthethuth A child of the god of law & technology who brings to his people the gift of tools. He has been shunt from his tribe and now has become a wandering technician after several off world missions. He's a 5th level cleric of law with a passion for all things technology & has gifts to back it up. He works as a mercenary & literal grease monkey. He also loves to play with relics, artifact, and might someday open a shop.
  5. Gormodor - A caveman whose actually a cagey fifth level wizard whose learned the secrets of the wastelands. He moves from party to party of adventurers learning the secrets of magic where he goes. He's also a mercenary of the highest order who wants to use magic to raise his tribe from the depths of their primitive nature. His tribe already is wary of him.
  6. Gorog - A mutant half man ape thing with the powers of optic blasts and energy projection who chaotic mutations have made him a feared warrior. He wanders among adventurers selling his services but secretly steals certain powerful relics for a secret agenda. He's a 6th level fighter and a dangerous being to cross.
  7. Haurgu - One of three surviving shaman brothers who wanted to gain the secrets of the serpent men but were killed in dungeon raid. Now he seeks a cure for the curse of the reptile goddess that is slowly consuming him. His gods still listen to him and he's a 6th level shaman. He hooks up with any who might offer him hope.
  8. Andegungu- The wandering warrior drummer whose drawn to conflict to record the rhythms of the world by the gods. This being knows many ancient songs & legends, he hires himself out to parties & knows many secrets as 7th level bard.
  9. Begoliammaron - A once proud warrior was cast down when he was laid low by the hand of chaos. Now he sports nine mutations & has become a mercenary selling his services to the highest bidder. He secretly revels in his new power  & has turned to his patrons for more power in their name.
  10. Cagiathilat  A seemingly helpless little boy who is actually a ten thousand year old warrior trapped in a young boys body. He moves from one party to another collecting gold and treasure. He's a 6th level thief of extraordinary ability. 
  11. Gerithu  The Sly - This master manipulator & conman is from a primitive tribe where the con is the highest art form. He works his way across the wastelands using his slight of hand abilities & cons to great effect. He's honorable however and as a 6th level mountebank a surprisingly effective mercenary. Someplace along the line he's picked up a minor regenerative power.
  12. Dulillabel An honorable warrior whose primitive people have sent him out into the world to make money for the tribe. He is one of twenty two sent out into the wastelands but he's quickly distanced himself from the tribe and he's out to make a name for himself. He's a bit reckless but a good man to have in a scrap at 5th level. He's seen many dangerous and nasty things so he's a bit haunted but knows the ways of his people.

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