Sunday, September 4, 2016

New OSR Monster - The Ctl-shagub or Creeping Eddies For Your Old School Campaigns

Found around the haunted tombs of black wizards & areas tainted by dream plagues ripe with chaos. The Ctl-shagub or Creeping Eddies are creatures that feed off of the fear and loathing of those they run across. They are creatures with harden shells of spun soul chitin sport weird limbs of a strange almost humanoid nature. The Eddies eyes are oriented to spot innocence and magic at a thousand yards to which they are attracted to.  According to books of ancient secrets, 'The Ctl-shagub appear in the darkest dreams of the maddest men chattering secrets only the damned will hear." For this reason man black wizards & sorcerers call them up from the wastelands of dream & nightmare. These beings feast on bits of forbidden lore, the remains of magical rituals, strands of chaos  and the fear of souls as they degenerate in the Outer Darkness. These things often lurk around the outer edges of Hyperborea waiting for some foul wizard or other fool to fall of the edge of the world so they can feast upon his flesh, secrets, and souls.

No Encountered: 3d6
Alignment: Chaotic 

Size: Medium
Movement: 40 (swim 20)
Dexterity 8 

Armor Class:3 
Hit Dice: 7 
No Attacks: 3 (claw/claw/ bite) 
Damage 1d6/1d6/1d8 
Saving Throw:13 
Experience points: 810
Special: Surprizes on a 3 in 6 chance when dropping from a tree or hiding place in some dream haunted area. 

1 in 6 chance of infecting victim with a dream rot tainted disease upon a successful hit unless the victim makes a save vs death (poison or disease) is made If a save fails the victim either dies in 1d8 days as they're body rots away from the local space time continuum or they are bed bound for a month with a nightmare fever and pain. The Creeping Eddie telepathically  feeds upon this at a distance of twenty miles taking great delight in the victim's pain.
The Ctl-shagub are vermin of the lowest order & are found through out the various dream lands and wastelands of a number of back water worlds. There is a one in seven chance that a psychic or psionicist will sense the presence of these horrid humanoid like vermin within a 100 foot radius.This is  because of the low level  psionic negative vibrations the Creeping Eddies radiate. Creeping Eddies always travel in packs and use their numbers with careful tactics to lure prey into positions where they can pick them off one by one. Eddies tip-toe around loud cities, slipping into the rooms of sleeping children, whispering terrible truths that guarantee nightmares. Each day they will have 1d4 1st or 2nd level spells available to them or they will attack with twisted almost humanoid claws tipped with wicked nails. They're bite carries a blood borne dream rot tainted disease which causes the victim's flesh & existence to rot away. Eddies love this as they telepathically feed on the misery & taint of this. Each day an Eddie can cause fear as per the spell as it whispers and chants a horrid truth that shatters reality within a twenty foot radius of it. Eddies also love to neatly slice limbs off with their almost diamond hard elemental teeth.
Creeping Eddies can be summoned with a Monster Summoning spell or rite quite easily and appear within 1d6 rounds. They will taunt or insult their summoner with a curse like tirade of the most caustic ear splitting abuse. This is to cause the wizard to lose his or her composure. This telepathically feeds the Creeping Eddie making them stronger & causing stress to the summoning magus. If the black wizard takes this abuse and mockery then the Creeping Eddies will readily give up some of the most horrid black sorcery secrets imaginable. Creeping Eddies will have 1d8 minor or 1d4 major black magic secrets available to them when summoned. They love to draw black wizards deeper onto the path of damnation and black sorcery of the foulest type.
  These vermin are often found on worlds that share some pathways with the dream lands and places of unreality such as Accursed Atlantis as well as places that dot the Outer Darkness. They travel with ease slipping between the cracks of various realities & love to plague adventurers with their unnerving presence. According to dire forbidden legends;"To perish in a dream that is visited by an Eddie means death in the real world and eternity spent in the twisted Dreamlands."

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