Saturday, September 17, 2016

1d6 Random Unexpected Zombies & Undead To Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Zombies are often encountered with unique and unexpected abilities or qualities in the wastelands. The fact is that many of these unique undead are very dangerous unto themselves. The infecting agent can have weird side effects on the physiological make up or body chemistry of the individual. Adventurers should exercise caution when running into these types of horrors.

1d6 Random Unexpected Zombies & Undead To Encounter Table

  1. The zombie was a wizard in his mortal life & retains his magical abilities! He's 2nd level wizard dedicated now to Orcus and able to cast spells. He has cantrips & a few spells at the ready but he's very hungry for your flesh & brains. 
  2. This free willed zombie wants a hug to let out the 1d200 rot grubs nesting in his stomach. He also wants to fill the hole in his existence with your flesh. 
  3. Inside this horror's chest is an alien worm that wants a new host and your PC looks very appealing. The zombie is intelligent & very dangerous, its armed with a ray pistol able to do 1d8 points per shot with eight shots and a 30 foot range. 
  4. This zombie's eyes are actually the seat of its alien intelligence and it wants a new host. The thing is cleric of  an alien spider goddess and there 1d20 giant spiders in the thing's gut waiting to burst out. 
  5. There are a knot of 1d6 party goers dressed for a masquerade ball but actually zombie avatars for a red death plague infection. Coming within thirty feet of them will cause the PC to save vs death, getting bit by them will make them rise within 4 hours as a red death zombie of dangerous aspect. 
  6. This free willed former knight zombie will spit out a wad of 1d20 giant worms that will try to entangle its prey. The thing uses +1 sword called spine cutter to slice up its victim. It begs to be destroyed even as it tries to tear into its victims.

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