Tuesday, September 20, 2016

'Express Elevator Ride To Hell' A Warlord of The Outer World Actual Play Event Plus 1d20 Inner World Random Hazardous Encounters Table

The PC's are going into an NTI drilling machine & heading straight down into a rescauce mission for another group of players. This is going to prove to be a very interesting adventure as the PC's have already butted heads with the 'Guild'. A group of wasteland post apocalyptic traders & secessionists from NTI who have been offing adventurers & collecting their relics, gear, etc. to sell to the next suckers erm adventurers. Now NTI has lost some of its own in a recover expedition gone wrong off plane. So now its down into the depths of the post apocalpytic Earth to the remains of an Atlantian gate station to cross into another world.

But is  National Traders Inc. telling the PC's the truth about the last party? Can the players trust their 'Guild' contact or is this the set up for something far more diabolical? What is NTI's interest in the inner world & what secrets does the inner recesses of the post apocalyptic world hold?

Here are some of the inner world random hazards the PC's will be facing in tonight's Fantastic Heroes & Witchery game.

1d20 Inner World Hazardous  Random Encounters
  1. A cavern of violet fungus some 200 feet long with the congealed remains of hundreds of skeletons strewn throughout. 
  2. Hordes of fungus encrusted skeleton warriors armed with all kinds of swords & shields attack! They hunger for the flesh & vitality of the living. 
  3. Mutant Morlock raiders 4th level fighters armed with machine guns and spare ammo 
  4. Goblin flesh ripper mutants, mutated goblins with acid dripping fangs & claws. 
  5. Giant slugs after fresh flesh 
  6. A group of deep Dwarven pilgrims on their way to a shrine of the Under Goddess 
  7. 1d10 mutant human deep dwellers armed with ray guns who want sacrifices for their Earth demon patron. 
  8. A black wizard of 6th level whose looking for some spare experimental subjects 
  9. Giant under dweller spider creature looking for prey with flesh dissolving poison. 
  10. Giant mutant  bats looking for prey, what out the floor crawls with 1d6 giant insects and flesh eating roaches. 
  11. Crazed adventurer completely lost! Keeps babbling about some ruins that are far away from your position. He's dying of radiation poisoning & could be a hazard. 
  12. 1d8 ancient dead zombies in archaic armor hunger for your flesh. 
  13. Blind & weird Atlantean wizard of 7th level is on a mission but willing to pick up some stray victims for later. 
  14. 1d4 giant pill bugs on a feeding run who will bite for 1d3 points of damage. 
  15. Mutant humanoid dweller who wants nothing to do with you and begins hurling insults down the tunnels. 
  16. Poison gas ! 
  17. Deep dwelling elves on a mission to the underworld, they are 5th level fighters and armed with light cross bows with poison. 
  18. Giant mutant reptile slug snake scavenger prowling for anything it can eat. Very dangerous and really nasty. 
  19. Blind and idiot modern man whose been mutated into  a dark dwelling mutant horror 
  20. A giant flesh dissolving protoplasmic horror that seeps and covers one to two acres of cavern floor space. The thing is very hungry & dangerous!

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