Tuesday, September 6, 2016

'Voltamen Shootout' A Keep On The Borderlands Encounter - A Warlords of the Outer Worlds Actual Play Event

Over the last couple of months I've been squeezing each & every ounce of old school/pulp goodness out of the Keep of The Borderlands adventure. I've turned it into a mini campaign with the player's PC's discovering every mini dungeon, side tunnel system, and weird honeycombed hillside they could. Tonight they reach the Caves of Chaos and things didn't quite go as they were expecting. After exiting the dungeon tunnel system they came to a cave mouth that led directly into some swamp and some bandits. The bandits gave a good account of themselves but the PC's gave a better account of themselves.

While the PC's were claiming the bandits rides, an atomic rocket ship blasted overhead. The roar of the rocket ship overhead shaking everything. The ship banked around the caves of chaos a couple of times & then landed. The PC's rode their new prize off road bikes to the clearing in time to see some 'old friends' get out of the ship! A ship load of Voltamen the scourge of the wastelands as far as the PC's are concerned.

The PC's waited until the Voltamen piled out of the ship & called out to the humanoids from the Caves of Chaos. The PC's thought that they were going to be slaves for the auction block but nothing could be further from the truth! The orcs and gnolls peacefully lined up as the Voltamen walked up with device that looked like a flame thrower with a frozen tank. The PC's carefully studied the guards who flanked the warrior with the frozen tank strapped to his back. They didn't like the look of the well maintained & in tip top condition laser rifles the guards were sporting. But then when the warrior froze the orcs in place with the cryo unit sprayer.Everything suddenly clicked into place for them. These orcs and gnolls had been generated by the weird bio mechanical devices the party had seen in the caves of chaos for generating fully grown orc warriors! These bastards were being moved off world for reinforcements! Something had to be done!

The PC's Dwarven priest/warrior crept in slowly and began the careful task of sneaking up on the officer in charge while the party's psychic sewed confusion in the ranks. The psychic confusion sort of worked out as one Voltamen warrior turned on another but the officer in charge was having none of it and laser down the two warriors who acted irrationally. The next round the Dwarf warrior made it to Voltmen officer and issued a challenge for one on one combat. With a natural twenty roll the officer was split in half as the rest of his crew made the mistake of coming to their leader's aid. The rest of the party closed in on the warriors carrying the cryo spraying unit and with a vert lucky roll the party's wizard was able to splatter the warriors and his guards with a pair of monsters summoned from beyond the pale. The voltamen were frozen in place as two fragmentation grenades made short work of everyone. The who scene became a momentary work of art as the cryo fluid froze everything like a giant ice sculpture.

Things got even more interesting when a second ship appeared in the sky. This craft was even bigger then the first and looked geared to pick up the orcs and Gnoll warriors. The ship made a bee line for the Dwarven warrior and almost but not quite crushed him. He managed to roll out of the way as the landing gear almost crushed him and another party member. The ramp at the back was just starting to lower when the clock struck ten and everyone had to go!

Whose behind the appearance of the Voltamen? Why have these fiends returned to the game? What dark fate awaits those Gnoll and orc warriors? Whose paying for all of the mercenary humanoid forces? Tune in next week for more answers as the PC's slip deeper into the Russian wastelands!

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