Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Straight Down, Morlocks, A New Machine,Undead Dwarves & A Random Minor Artifacts Table - Warlords Of The Outer World Actual Play Recap

Let's see last night the party wasn't quite happy with the fact that the NPC mutant pilot was stone cold drunk or the fact that his Morlock co pilot left him in the tavern at the fort. Words were exchanged & the party was able to secure their passage on a mega ship but they had no machine to begin their journey into the Earth?!?

Well the party were having it out with the National Traders Inc/ Guild representative, another member of their party hadn't been seen in almost seven days game time. He was overseeing a project of epic proportions as one of the adventurers was trying to get an android repaired that they had picked up last game. Finally the party followed the line of NPC hirelings, savants, wasteland scientists, etc. to an old Russian aircraft hanger. Inside a tremendous model of  Cyclotram has been build for months while all of the adventurers were off on their various adventures. Forrest's adventurer had been putting away treasure, selling it, squirreling away every penny to have this thing revamped & rebuilt with  Atlantean technology.

Now it was ready loaded up on trucks & after a bit of exposition along with their bill of passage from NTI the party is dropped onto "Mount Neleh" in the Aleutian Island chain off Alaska. Then its straight down into the Earth as the atomic pile kicks in. The reactor runs on "concentrated sub-atomic by-products"  After seven hours the party comes across a series of caverns with gems, gold, and other rich minerals as well as a ruined city. That's where the party ran into a whole bunch of Morlocks.

After grabbing a few handfuls of material it was back into the tunneling machine & the party pressed downward again. A few hours later they came across a ruined Dwarven citadel & city and here's where things got really hairy. The citadel was locked up, the fossilized wood doors sealed with iron spikes. The party blasted the doors and out poured a horde of ghoul Dwarfs hungering for the flesh of the adventurers. Some outside force was directing these foul undead and even with the party's Gothi & they're Fae wizard's protection from evil the

Cyclotram weapon systems were the only thing stopping the horde of foul undead. The last of the monsters burned themselves out on the electrical field of the tunneler.

Undead Dwarven warrior from here

But now whom is directing these horrors from the citadel & what secrets does he hold after almost possessing our party's psychic? Well find out in one week as our inner Earth adventure continues next week.
So for last night's game for an OSR rules set I used a combination of Mutant Future, Realms of Crawling Chaos, Labyrinth Lord Advanced, & a good chunk of Fantastic Heroes and Witchery with a sprinkling of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea not to mention Lamentations of the Flame Princess's Carcosa.

There are a few minor artifacts coming in the campaign as the party makes its way into the Inner Earth.

1d4 Minor Artifacts of the Ancients
  1.   The Crown of Hiz - This crown of the ancients has been imbued with the ability to heal any wound of the one who wares it. The crown itself has been bathed in the blood of a unicorn and has the spirit of the animal attached to it. It allows one to teleport three times per day and can destroy minor undead with a wave of the user's hand twice a day. It can also turn a major undead as if the owner was a seventh level cleric. The crown has been lost for centuries. 
  2. The Gauntlet's of  Cru's ruo - These gauntlet's once belonged to one of the first mutant overlords before the coming of the apocalypse. They are seen as symbols of authority among certain tribes and allow a mutant to 'borrow' the powers of any other mutant within a 20 foot radius of the owner six times per day. The gauntlet's also act as a rod of command to any mutant being within line of sight of the owner. The carry a psychic signature that enrages pure strain humans who are with the owner after 1d6 days. 
  3. The Master Key - This key is to a vault of The Ancients that holds many fantastic treasures, the key will grow warm in the owner's hand. The key is also a symbol of power any low level Lovecraftian horrors may not approach the owner within 10 feet. Why is one of the mysteries of this object. Humanity holds the key in an almost religious context. 
  4. The Stone of Gr'e & Chaos - This fist sized piece of psi crystal beats like a heart with the power and insanity of the Old Ones. It allows one to change & twist their bodies in the service of the Lovecraftian gods by gaining 1d8 mutations. It is seen as a symbol of the Mythos gods among certain mutant cults in the wastelands.

Unless otherwise noted these treasures and relics were lost during the apocalypse and haven't been seen now in centuries.

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