Thursday, September 8, 2016

1d12 Star Trek Inspired Random Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Given the amount of weird radiation, odd time warps, unearthly dimensional doors, and other strange phenomenon that the Star Fleet crews of various Federation vessels encounter. There have been any number of odd finds that have slipped through the various dimensional and planar cracks over the centuries.
Here then are a number of weird & dangerous items for your adventurers to stumble upon.

1d12 Star Trek Inspired Random Finds Table
  1. Slightly fried Tricoder with memory disks going back to the 1920's with events recorded from before the 1929 stock market crash. The material is all centered around the life of one woman whose name seems erased from every single entry in the tricorder. The machine has been heavily modified with delicate home made repairs but the device while functional is in rough shape. Worth 600 credits to the right collector of military memorabilia. 
  2. A flash frozen corpse of a Conbus plague victim, if thawed the thing will spring to life and attack as a zombie the nearest victim which it will try to spread the plague too. 
  3. Slightly fried phaser pistol with a fully charged battery, the thing has been recently been fired but there isn't a phaser missing from stores. 
  4. A medical kit with a heavy contamination of tacycon contamination. The thing is saturated with weird time radiation and it will cause some radiation poisoning after exposure for more then 12 hours. 
  5. Scraps of a sweat stained Captain's uniform. The whole cloth is torn to shreds but its valuable for the DNA of the owner. Its worth about 500 credits to the right collector. 
  6. Power couplink from a galaxy class ship the thing has a massive weird radiation check going on. Anyone handling it must make a save make radiation check 
  7. Flower slightly phaser burnt, the seeds and darts are still good. They can be sold on the black market for 300 credits for the whole lot. 
  8. The time soaked radiation has affected the entire computer unit from a shuttle and now the computer want's it back. Anyone handling this unit will lose 1d20 days of their past and find themselves in a seemingly alternative version of their reality.
  9. A +2 double bladed pole arm with a weight at the end that was a part of ritual set. The pole arm is slightly used but otherwise in good shape. 
  10. Warp core crystals worth a small fortune at least a 1000 credits. 
  11. A medical kit that has several small instruments missing but the main medicines are in tact. They're worth 300 credits. 
  12. A slightly used Star Fleet space shuttle that needs the whole thing tuned and gone over. Because these repairs need to be done its only worth 4600 at the moment. The options package for the shuttle is in tact. 
These items are not a challenge nor infringement on the owners of Star Trek the original series. This blog entry is the work of a fanatical Star Trek fan.

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