Saturday, September 10, 2016

'Sometimes You've Got To 'Go Full Prehistoric Sevenities' A Crawling Under The Broken Moon Issues #14 & #15 DCC Fanzine Campaign Jump Off Point

Remember those Saturday drive in matinees with rubber suited men, stop motion models, scantily clad starlets & muscle bound warriors? Did you ever want to have the smooth action of DCC to create a fun filled Saturday or Sunday style dinosaur filled funnel based on those? We've got you covered with the Dungeoncrawl Classics fanzine Issues #14 & 15 which has the fantastic post apocalyptic location of Dinotastic park! The park of the prehistoric past waiting in your future today! Now imagine that your 1st level characters are guests at such a park & suddenly things go from bad to worse? Imagine that your funnel is getting caught in the park when things go wrong. Chief Brody Rules is a gentleman who does some excellent parody trailers and when Jurassic World hit the big screen he did an excellent parody retrotrailer of the film that covers this.

Now imagine getting caught in the park when all of this is coming down & then getting hit by the blow back of the apocalypse. You wake up in a world gone mad with prehistoric mutated goodness. The Scale Empire is incharge of the glowing dome, and you've got to deal with dino mutants such as the Sorceraptor, the Sky-Sneak, and the Battle Chanter.

 Could this be your  same world of the far future or an alternative timeline? With creatures trying to eat you at everyturn or worse there are things out there such as the Once-Men (descendants of the human park patrons and staff), Pure Breed Dinosaurs (not all of which are dinosaurs, but plenty of which are included), Dinosaur Aberrations (tables for changing dinos), and Proto-Saurians (humanoid dinosaurs).
This new piece of the Merican nightmare that is the Crawling Under A Broken Moon campaign setting ties itself together as a part of the central nexus of these issues especially with issue #15 which takes Dinotastic park to the next level as a completely working DCC adventure setting. Issue #14 gives you most of the pieces for a hex crawl and romp but 15 up the threat levels and increases the dangers across the board. The DM gets more of the 2nd half of the Dinotastic Park semi-hex crawl & lots of new monstrous denizens living under the glowing dome. You also get more character classes with
the Cro-Mentalist - a powerfully psychic Once-man & the Robo-priest - An empowered servant of the benevolent Ultimospark.
Here we've got a complete reworked prehistoric mutated hell hole adventure location waiting to be inflicted on your party of adventurers. Everything is set up like something straight out of a rubber suited cable dino movie straight out of the 70's .


This is a complete campaign setting in two fanzine packed through with lots of tools that can have your DCC players wrapped up in the mutated weirdness for years to come. With a bit of work much of this material could be used with other OSR games with a bit of fifth grade mathematics. For DCC this is a weird mutated hot mess of strangeness that's got potential to keep things moving for a very a very long time to come. At least a five out of five for content and four out of five for utter prehistoric madness.

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