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Venusian Blues - An Encounter For Your Retro Future Rpg

Venusian Blues - An Encounter For Your Retro Future Rpg 


These wonderful energy crystals were first seen on Venus 200 hundred years ago. These crystals act as capacitors for up to 30,000 volts without leakage. This enables those who prospect  these crystals to built generators able to run entire orbital factories or colonies. They only "grow" under Venusian swamp like conditions. The other odd property of these strange orbs is psychic. They allow +1 to +2 on all uses of psychic powers when holding the orbs. 

 The  Petrox Oil & Mineral  Company has been sending prospectors into worlds where the Venusian Reptile men have colonies. There, they discovered valuable crystal orbs that can be used as a source of electrical power, as well as a race of primitive lizardmen who guard the crystals fervently and who attack any humans who try to take them.

 The  Petrox Oil & Mineral Company has teams of prospectors combing planets for these crystals. They are given a flame pistol. This pistol has a range of 70' & does 1d4 points of damage. 6 charges in each weapon may be refilled.These weapons are very effective at destroying the lizardmen. 
 There are however strange incidents of prospectors being taken into the darkness by horrors from beyond & encountering strange psychic, invisible mazes in which the richest crystals are seen. 

Prospectors are equipped with space leathers which are part space suit & part leather armor. They count as leather armor from  your favorite retro clone.

The lizardmen use light envelops to move from planet to planet. These are partially powered by stellar winds & partially by the vast psychic reserves of the lizardmen. They have a range of 1d100 light years & have a central power crystal at the heart of them. Armor class is 9 for any such vessels.
Six Quick Story Hooks  
  1. The party encounters a group of prospectors seeking out the crystals on an alien planet & witnesses first hand the company's genocide. Which side do they pick. 
  2.   The  Petrox Oil & Mineral Company is losing a colony world to a horror summoned from beyond. The party must evacuate the colonists but on the way stumble across a cache of crystals worth a fortune. Which do they choose. 
  3. The council of worlds sues for peace on behalf of the reptile men. The party are body guards for the ambassadors something goes very very wrong 
  4. The Human Empire sends an expedition to a colony world of the reptile men & discovers the crystals. They want samples. Things go wrong & the party must improvise. 
  5. A comet is discovered which contains a micro climate world built by the reptiles for growing their prizes. There are temples & other "things" aboard. 
  6. The characters are hired by  the  Petrox Oil & Mineral Company to go prospecting on a reptile controlled world. Things are not as they appear & the characters fall into an invisible maze structure. The reptiles let them out & go after a "cube" situation happens. The characters are the lizard men's entertainment. The characters encounter much higher  alien technology then just the orbs. Humans are simply obsolete by the lizard creature's standards.
 Note : The  Petrox Oil & Mineral Company comes from Here. They use a Venture Class space craft as well.
 The encounter has been inspired by In the Walls of Eryx

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