Friday, January 20, 2012

The Forgotten Lovecraftian Monsters - The Venusian Reptile Men - For Any Old School Space Opera

"I doubt if they even have a real language—all the talk about psychological communication through those tentacles down their chests strikes me as bunk. What misleads people is their upright posture; just an accidental physical resemblance to terrestrial man."

"When they drew nearer they seemed less truly reptilian—only the flat head and the green, slimy, frog-like skin carrying out the idea. They walked erect on their odd, thick stumps, and their suction-discs made curious noises in the mud."
H.P. Lovecraft & Kenneth J. Sterling, In the Walls Of Eryx
On the lush sub tropical planes of Venus are the,Eryx, or the Erycinian Highland. This  is a vast plateau on Venus. Unlike the actual planet, Lovecraft's Venus has a tropical climate and is filled with lush, swampy jungles, though its atmosphere is poisonous to humans, while at the same time not so dangerous as to require hermetically sealed space suits.
 Here prospectors have discovered vast energy sources sacred to the 
Eryxian Reptile men. The reptile men have the ability to create invisible structures with the abilities of a Hallucinatory Terrain (pg.23) & Invisibility II (pg.24). These structures are placed on the normal pathways & traffic areas of humans. A large energy crystal is placed as bait & the reptile men wait. Those who fall into the trap die a slow death offered up as  a sacrifice for the forbidden gods of the the reptiles. The Venusians are -2 on all saves involving flame attacks as it dries out the porous membranes of their breathing shoots.
These peoples are found on other planets & are quite adapt at using so called "light envelops"  to sail between the stars.  
They are quite well adapted to swamp like worlds & found on the light side of many terra- formed Venus like planets. 
They have a form of very limited telepathy that works through the chest tentacles they have. These are actually very sensitive telepathic receptor organs & attached via sub ganglia to their 9 lobed minds. They are at a +3 against all mind influencing spells or powers.  They're minds are far more alien then the average lizard man.

Alignment: Alien(With Choatic Tendencies) 
Armor Class: 5(14)
Hit dice: 2+1 
Attacks: claws,spell, sword(1d6)
                  Special: Undermurk (may spend 12 hours in swamp waters of Venus like worlds)
Move: 6(12 when swimming) 
 For the best illustrations of this beasty please visit this blog Here. I didn't want to copy the artist's hard work but this is my definitive impression of the creature. Its a pretty cool version of  them. 


  1. Good work. It's a fine , though rare, day when In the Walls of Eryx gets some love.

  2. Thanks Rainswept & welcome aboard. This is a pretty unknown Lovecraftian Classic & I wanted to shed some light on it! Welcome aboard there will be more coming up!

  3. If a tropical Venus populated by strange monsters & traversed by human traders is to your taste, I recommend "Parasite Planet" by Stanley G. Weinbaum. You can read it here (1935 mores warning in effect)... though perhaps someone with your tastes has already stumbled across it?

  4. Thanks for the comment & may I introduce you to the Forgotten Futures Stanley G. Weinbaum Rpg! Free & very cool which includes his Venus!
    Its awesome in my humble opinion! Thanks & there's stuff ahead!

  5. Thanks for the tip... Forgotten Futures has come a long way since the last time I checked it out (I think about winter 2000)!


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