Saturday, January 28, 2012

High Paying Illicit Cargoes For Your Old School Space Opera

  1. Gen'tel Grubs - These highly active worm like silver white grubs breed quickly & well within captivuty. They allow one to experience the blank spots within reality. Those who partake of what is a sacred drug on their home world experience extended telepathic rapture with those around them. They are able to use senses of others as if they were their own. They gain 2 points of temporary wisdom. They may experience temporary mental overload or complete break down after 1d3 hours of  the grub's influence. Those who use these creatures must harvest the slime coating from the grub & place it under thier tongues fresh to gain the full effects. 300 credits a shipment & there must be no less then 5 grubs otherwise they may die. 
  2. Eliza  Drug - This strange alien circuit design has had over 2 million variations but the basic idea allows an A.I. entity named  Eliza to rewrite the neurons of the human or near human brain into arching pathways. This allows one to think faster, react quicker, & is said to improve sexual performance in near humans. The device adds +1 to all states temporarily as long as the device is used for 1d3 hours per day.The devices are forbidden on many worlds because of the 'black shakes" associated with these devices. Each 1d6 days a roll must be made to see if the person't rewrite goes wrong which inflicts -2 to all stats. These devices are worth 200 credits while the soft ware is worth 100 credits an upgrade! 400 credits a case for these devices 
  3. "The Exuberance of Tao" - These 1 inch pills are actually the living braincells of psychotic geniuses stored within a stable medium. They work by greasing the neuron pathways within the brain giving temporary psychic powers & memory retention. The user gains telepathy, & telekinesis for 1d10 days . 100 credits an inject into the pineal gland  with a special needle like device. -1 to all stats unless regular injects are received & no saving throws! 
  4. Thusian Brain Worms - These maggot like worms are found in the crypts of alien princes that circle the star Aldebaran where they crawl through the mortal remains of these half million year old remains. They may be taken internally & give a temporary stay of death by turning the user into a much lesser form of intelligent zombie. The worms need to be changed every 1d4 months or rot & full decay sets in. There was a scare 5 centuries back of mutated versions of these worms creating full zombie like plagues. They have been on the 'illicit' list ever since. There is no truth that the worms are telepathically calling out to the dread stars to the dead god of their long forgotten masters. None at all. 400 credits per shipments.
  5.  Smoke & Roll  - An ancient nanite relic of bygone days that allows the user to experience the perceptions of machines. Adds the skills find & disarm traps & secret doors. The user experiences strange alien machine buzzing at all times & adds 3 forbidden alien machines to skills. The user becomes a greater part of a cosmic machine hive mind when this substance is used. Comes in a silver lead lined vessel 3 inches long. Must be used every 2 months usable by anyone but many thieves swear it increases their skills. Give +2 to all attempts to find & disarm traps when this stuff is used. Must be injected directly into the brain pan. 300 credits for a shipment of 20 vials. 
    File:Sillage Wake nr 5 Alien language.png


  1. Just say no to drugs, kids.

    Good stuff!

  2. You want to definitely say no to these! Thanks for the comment & there will be more to come! Stay tuned!


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