Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unboxing The Free Dungeon Crawl Classics Poster

I received my free Dungeon Crawl Classics Poster today then there was a follow up email. The email contained this little nugget of information - "Release date: As you've probably heard, DCC RPG is progressing well but the release date has slipped to April-ish. Most of the layout is complete and we are in the proofreading stage. It is worth the wait, but of course nobody likes to wait. Hopefully this free poster makes the wait a little more tolerable. (And yes, the poster says "February" instead of "April"...should have updated that before we printed the poster!)" 

 I actually really like the poster its nice study & looks pretty damn cool.  Even with "Hugh The Barbarian's " flares! That's flares with a capital "F". The artwork is " 70s Science Fantasy"  artwork style mixed with Doug Kovac's usual illustration style. Sort of Castle Grey skull meets TSR artwork  & this is their bastard child. I mean this in a good way.


  There's lots of the Dungeon Crawl Classics original artwork for sale. It reveals a lot about the game. It gives me a feel for where the game is going actually. Its sort of a 70s grind house exploitation movie thing vibe going on here. That's great in my estimation.. Does it mean I'm going to play this? Probably not but that's because I'm already doing fine with my existing systems. I will grab a module or two. I convert on the fly & go from there. If you want to see anymore of this artwork head over Here 
 Want to take the rules for a spin There's right here!

If you want a free poster if there are any left go over to Here 
 Do I think its worth it? Yes its free & a pretty nice poster! 

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