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The Cycle of The Vampire Plagues Through The 21 & 22 Century & Beyond. A Group Of Vampirical Options

The Cycle of The Vampire Plagues Through The 21 & 22 Century & Beyond

Historians will look back on the 21 & 22 centuries with a sigh of relief after the dark plagues of the undead came from the stars. The horrors of those years can only be exceeded by the return of this plague from the stars!
The most well known outbreak occurred in 1965 around the world. 1/2 half  of the world's population was killed. The pioneering work of Dr.  Robert Neville is well known to readers of this periodical. 
There were a number of other outbreaks across the world but never ones so devastating that it has left a hole within the collective souls of mankind.
 The next outbreak happened with the infamous Churchill mission  to the Tail of  Halley's Comet in 1985.  The result of that being almost a total devastation of the world's capitals during that time.
 There has been many  ground breaking missions since then. We now deal with these monsters with stakes & hand flamers. Mankind still teeters on the edge of the abyss of it all.

The vampire plague begins as an air borne infection but as the disease progresses the true horrifying nature of it reveals itself. The disease is spread by a specially bread bacteria that uses cells as shelves for the actual undead soul rot that is the true vampiric nature of the condition.

The cosmic vampire will after 1d100 or 1d1000 years change from a "normal vampire" to a form of specter with the level draining abilities of a vampire. As time goes on the creature will gain 1d3 traits from the table below. Vampires & specters  can be found in the Swords & Wizardry Rule Book or Labyrinth Lord rule book.
Random Weird Vampiric Essence Traits Table 1d10 

  1. The Vampire may assume a 'cosmic' form for 2 rounds during which time he may only be attacked with +2 or better weapons 
  2. The vampire has access to the memories & experiences of 'Those Who Came Before' Gain +1 or +2 Intelligence & Wisdom 
  3. 'The Power is Too Much' The skin rots from the body of the vampire in 1d6 months 
  4. 'I have Complete Control' The vampire heals within moments. Regains 2 hit points per round 
  5. 'The Alien Way' the vampire gains 1d3 traits from the alien features table 
  6. Cosmic Light Show -these appear each time the vampire drains levels. Acts as a 'Dancing Lights' spell 
  7. 'The Past Is Known To Me ' the vampire knows how to use any alien artifacts it comes across instantly 
  8. 'Dark Secrets of The Universe' - The vampire gains 2 levels in Wizard or Magic User 
  9. 'Cosmic Fury" - The vampire berserk every 3rd round of combat 
  10. 'Continuous Current' The vampire is immune to energy weapons & once a week may create a blast of negative planar energy for 1d3 points of energy. This may only be healed by magic or super science other wise the wounds fester or become gangrenous. Unless a save versus poison is made.  
The Forbidden Knowledge of  The Black Hells 
A school of stellar damnation wizardry for cosmic vampires & their minions. 

  1. Gather The Flock - This spell calls 1d6 minions to the side of the caster instantly 
  2. Healing Of Pain - This spell focuses negative planar energy to heal 1d6 points of damage to the target but they gain 1d3 mutations from this healing 
  3. Steal The Source - The spell drains 1d20 points of charges from weapons & equipment within a 20' radius of the caster. These points are his for 1d3 rounds. They must be used or they are lost. 
  4. Hellish Form From Beyond - The caster gains +3 ht points & +2 constitution & wisdom. They become a strange blasphemous form & all within 10 ' must make a morale check or be subject to fear  . This form will last for 3 rounds only. 
  5. Hands of Power - The caster's hands are surrounded by a corona of  dead stellar energies. These do 1d3 points of damage to those within 40' 
  6. Become The Essence - The vampire becomes a specter & can pass through the local space time continuum. The caster must a saving throw versus death to resume their 'undead' bodies.  

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