Sunday, August 25, 2019

Tengel Manor Session Report III - Tigers By The Tale The Stormhaven/Cha'alt Connections

Now there's a lot going on over the last two days of play in my plane hopping version of Tegel Manor. So try & keep up with what's been happening to our idi erm heroes.  The second session had our party of adventurers in a heap of trouble under the manor last week's session. 

I've had a full on weekend of gaming, last night I got together with my players & things went side ways. For a very long time now I've been using Stormhaven Michael Stackpole from the Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes rpg  as a background element of my campaigns for years. But last night I introduced a Tiger acquisitions  unit ( the Tigers are the private security firm that handles all of the security for Allard Electronics) that was at the mansion returning some of the artifacts of the manor.  The party managed to rescue them from skirmish of a chaos warrior from the  the megadungeons of Cha'alt who was charged by his mistress 
Rump Rus Witch Queen & Priestess of Nyarlathotep with killing the Tigers. The chaos warrior is Ravaging Russ Rake of Rascus whose supposed to bring his cousin the heads of the Tiger team. Little did the party know they had taken some one very nasty amid the young adventurers rescue last week. A doppelganger assassin was secret among them! He wasn't just any doppelganger but a courier that was meeting the Tigers with a very special artifact called the 'Stone of Fire'. He was working for one of the young adventurers who was Ravus Rump a young royal who has the backing of his father Duke Richard Rump.  

The party tormented the doppelganger finding out where the 'stone of fire' had come from? The 'Stone of Fire' is actually one of the items from Flying Buffalo's Treasure Vault. Since the passing of Rick Loomis I thought it was appropriate to use several Flying Buffalo products in last night's session. I didn't get to drop in Grimtooth's Traps.. yet. But they were able to find out the 'fire stone' had been located in the megadungeons of Cha'alt  where it was liberated at the cost of several adventurers & doppelgangers lives. But they had also found the Skull of Doom which had been given over to young Ravus Rump but was quickly taken over after the party knocked the NPC out. The Tiger's acquisition unit was supposed to have acquired the Skull of Doom but never did after encountering the machinations of young Ravus.  The Tigers don't know that the party has the Skull of Doom & the Stone of Fire. 

This game got even further with several of the other weird connections when our adventurers figured out Rump Rus Witch Queen & Priestess of Nyarlathotep was awakened by DM Steve's players a few years ago! The player's old PC's had encountered several adventure elements that pointed to the fact that her objects had been taken from the mansion allowing her to escape.  This all ties in recent "Campaign Commentary - Tegal Manor, Castles & Crusades, Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes" blog entry. But wait there's more! DM Steve has his own Amazing Adventures! Rpg group going into the manor looking for the Skull of Doom! This after they've heard rumors that its in the manor from a ghostly butler. DM Steve recently acquired the the megadungeons of Cha'alt  on my recommendation but from what I hear his player's didn't have a good time. They lost two party members from what I understand. 

Meanwhile today's session had out party making plans to explore the valley of Tegel manor as its made planar passage into its next destination. They've got to gather supplies, rearm, & the players are going over old PC's to get some of their back history on the manor. 
I've already got another NPC in from Cha'alt in their mist after today's session so now its a case of them going back to the manor. Will they survive?! Tune in next week!

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