Monday, August 19, 2019

Quick Review & Free OSR Resource ANY D&D Style Game- The Adventurer's Ordinance

The Adventurer's Ordinance is exactly what it sounds like a 110 magic items geared for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition. These magic items can be quite useful for seeding adventure locations & dungeons. They can also set the tone for a campaign very nicely & they could be used to add in a whole other aspect of mythology to your games.

Grab It Right Over

Here are over 110 magic items in twenty six pages for any old school style game. A great free resources for details magic items with a great bit of background to add to your campaign. Many of these items have back stories  that can be adapted for a  science fantasy or science fiction campaign. Yeah I'm thinking 'Thundarr the Barbarian' style post apocalyptic or a science fantasy campaign. 

 Using The Adventurer's Ordinance
For Your Old School Campaign  

This is a great twenty six page addition to stocking your old school dungeon with items that are not going to derail your adventure campaign. They could easily be added into a B/X or other Basic style Dungeons & Dragons game or clone. But personally I'd lean toward Expert Dungeons & Dragons & its incarnations.

The author covers most of the major areas including equipment and magic items, along with some background to incorporate these items into your games.
Best of all this twenty four page pdf is free.

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