Tuesday, August 20, 2019

1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery Warriors of Renown Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Through the wastelands,across vast oceans of time there have always been the wanderers, the warriors, & the outlaws. Those whose swords have propelled them along trails of blood. These warriors are professionals and those that cross their paths are  them often end up cut from life.

These are seasoned warriors whose strict mercenary codes will let them size up potential employers. These are warriors with agendas whose wanderings take them across the planes. They are seasoned but have a way to go up the chain of life.

1d6 Random  Sword & Sorcery Warriors
 of Renown Random Encounter Table

  1. Juluis Theb - A minor royal of the Kukuanas whom has been traveling with his father's enchanted sword to make a name for himself & to find the man who killed his mother. He is a sixth level fighter who loves the open road. He is looking for a patron to act as a bodyguard for in the meantime & adventuring. 
  2. Tom The Bloodied - Thomas is an antipaladin in disguise moving among the populations passing himself off as a disgraced general in search of an employer. Really he's hunting out targets for his army to pillage. He passes himself off as fighter of renowned of good breeding. 
  3. Count Silas Crow - This former royal warrior is now looking for employment after failing to save his former master. He has an extensive background as both a military engineer & warrior of the sixth level. There are former guards under his employ that will follow him to the ends of the Earth. But a battalion of the king's former guards want his head & search for him even now. 
  4. Bethany Coal The Daughter of Darkness - A female mercenary who is on the trail of Hell; she seeks redemption after sacking & gaining revenge on her former tyrant father. She is on the trail of a treasure that belonged to her family in ancient times and seeks to use her employment as a means to finance her quest. She has two enchanted daggers that can slay humanoids & point to the treasure. 
  5. Nicus the Warrior - An African man of an unknown tribe who carries his father's blade bound with the hair of his mother & sister. He is a fifth level fighter whose  known as the witch slayer. His tribe was wiped out by a witch of incredible ferocity and he took her head. But he's on the trail of her cult. He is jovial but will turn deadly serious in the face of battle. He has a vast network of helpers throughout the planes. 
  6. Markus The Duke of  Kafiristan - Markus is a warrior of the 6th level whose been time displaced by duel with a wizard in his own time. He has no chance of getting back home but wanders the universe offering the services of his twin rapiers. A 4th level warrior whose abilities with these blades is uncanny Markus often finds himself facing down wizards. He's been known as the man of blood because of his abilities to track down wizards.

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