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1d6 Random Minor Infernal Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

I saw a shape with human form and face,
If such should in apotheosis stand:
Deep in the shadows of a desolate land
His burning feet obtained colossal base,
And spheral on the lonely arc of space,
His head, a menace unto heavens unspanned,
Arose with towered eyes that might command
The sunless, blank horizon of that place.

And straight I knew him for the mystic one
That is the brother, born of human dream,
Of man rebellious at an unknown rod;
The mind's ideal, and the spirit's sun;
A column of clear tame, in lands extreme,
Set opposite the darkness that is God.

A Vision of Lucifer  (1922) 

There are times when the gates of Hell swing wide open & the royalties of Hell walk the Earth. These dark  times are limited but the stain that the cloven hooves of the demons & devils of Hell leave a taint behind that no Earth cleaning can ever get rid of. There are other objects that get left behind after pacts & deals go wrong. Treasures of the infernal realms are numerous & very dangerous. These treasures imperil not only mind, & body but the very soul of their owners. After 1d8 months there is a chance of one of the major princes of Hell taking a notice of the owner. The infernal gaze of a prince of Hell will cause the owner to lose 1 point of wisdom every new moon. Should the owner succumb to the tempting vision that these treasures create in the owner then the owner must save vs death. A failed roll will mean that a door to Hell opens next to the PC & it is said that Lucifer himself will come for the owner.

The princes of Hell will sometimes place one or more of these minor items on Earth to snare particularly juicy & evil souls. There is a tempting glamour about these objects & anyone attempting to bypass an item must make a save vs wands or a wisdom check to avoid the infernal aura that seems to surround such items. Obviously these items carry a minor curse & under no circumstances will the owners want to get rid of such 'beauties' or 'precious' objects.

1d6 Random Minor Infernal Treasures Table

  1. The Lantern of Truth grants the owner true vision as per the spell & dark vision as per the racial ability. But the lantern shows only the worst aspects of a person when the light is shined on them. The lantern also creates a sense of paranoia in its owner. But the lantern can blind a  supernatural creature once its blinds are open. Once per day it may cast a focused beam of light blinding any creature hit by its beam. 700 gold pieces because these lanterns are often found at locations of soul pact rituals. 
  2. The golden demon jaw this jaw acts as a magic weapon against any undead. The owner once a day may take on the minor abilities of an undead monster. The jaw is worth 300 gold pieces. 
  3. Liquid whisky of the damned - Worth around 400 gold pieces this aged whiskey adds 2 temporary levels for magic users after a drink. This stuff will grant the user two additional spells. After a drink is taken the owner loses 2 points of Charisma as their eyes glow with an infernal cast about them. Usually two bottles of this stuff is found. Worth 400 gold pieces 
  4. The demons tongue - This whip is made from the entrails of two powerful demons. The whip gives the owner the ability to cause its owner two points of devilish Charisma. The problem is that the whips have personalities & agendas all of their own. They often try to corrupt the owner with thoughts,visions of  perversions of the most dire type. The whip strikes for 1d8 points of damage against all kinds of supernatural creatures. The owner can turn invisible once per day. Demon tongues are worth a 1000 gold pieces each. 
  5. The Cask of Markus - This cast contains the souls of 6 killers of the most vile type the owner can summon 1d6 ghosts to do his or her bidding once per day. The owner make take on the minor powers of a ghost for one hour per day. The cask is worth 600 gold pieces but there is a 30% chance of the ghosts turning on the owner & trying to drag them into Hell. 
  6. This quill allows one to summon a major demon with the stroke of a pen. These pens were intentionally made for sinking the souls of their owners into the vilest pits of Hell. Anyone signing their souls with one of these beauties can gain troll strength for six hours. The quill can also damage undead for 1d6 points of damage if it strikes the horror in the face or eye. These quills  are worth 300 gold pieces each. 

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