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1d10 Random Minor Sacking & Hoard Treasure Finds Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

Taken from the treasure houses of the Great Tribes during various sackings by the survivors of the Dread plagues and sicknesses after the fall of the last great empire. Various minor relics and items have turned up in dragon hoards, out of the market stalls, and barrow hoards. These items are unusual and sometimes carry with them strange and sometimes dangerous magicks. Here is a small selection of items that have turned up from time to time during the dares and deeds of adventurers and their ilk. 


Pasted from person to person these treasures acquire traces of their former owners & often have weird quirks. They show up in strange places such as houses of ill repute,  the ruins of houses, pawn shops, and other less then savory places. There is often groups or factions searching for these items. There is a 60% chance of an agent or other factional spy hearing of the player's PC's gaining such items. 

1d10 Random Minor Sacking & Hoard Treasure Finds Table
  1. A small jewelry box of gold plated winged cherubim with their wings folded over the confines of the box. The thing is be jeweled and speaks of a primitive society of angel or spirit workers. The box may twenty percent chance summon a minor air elemental once per week  and within the relic is a box of silver pins +2 to pierce the hide of any demon. The box is worth 8,000 gold pieces to a collector of esoteric pursuits. 
  2. Silver hand mirror gilded around the edges with gold and semi precious stones. The mirror is a portal to the Nightmare dimension and can summon many long dead dreamer's visions and nightmares. There is a 40% chance of the mirror picking up Lovecraftian demon who will assume the likeness of a long dead ancestor or ideal person. 
  3. A long dead king has hidden his spirit with a vase of jade, those handling this 800 gold piece vase may have the occupant trying to possessing one them handling it. The spirit is cagey, dangerous and super careful not to be found out. It will try to slip away to gain control of the victim's body and put itself in complete control 
  4. A small 200 gold piece gem stone of exceptional quality  but with a sword and sorcery connection. The gem contains the trapped spirit of an of a ancient adventurer who will try to provide clues to it's buried treasure legacy nearby. 
  5. A necklace made from carved ivory tells the story of a minor war nearby and the sacking of a city. This necklace is a actually a specially carved map with incredible details including some of the hidden entrances and hidden downward levels. Worth about 2000 gold pieces. 
  6. A minor amulet capable of showing a possible future once per week, the amulet contains the tortured spirit of a minor god whose only ability is stand at the cross roads of destiny and see the myriad of alternative worlds. The amulet is able to point to the best possible future but. The thing is worth 6000 gold pieces.
  7. The preserved  head of a nobleman bathed in silver & gold able to doll out a prophecy once a week for a fighter or knight. The head will also warn of danger an hour a head once every new moon. The head is worth a cool 2000 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  8. An Atlantean ring of worked dragon flesh & silver the ring has the ability to call a minor ghost of the owner's ancestors  once a day. The ring will compel the ghost to answer a question put it truthfully. The ring is worth 600 gold pieces because it once belonged to a notorious cult of necromancers 
  9. The eye of a minor demon taken by a hero in ages long past. The eye has true sight and will reveal any & all falsehoods in politicians & affairs of state. The eye is sought by hundreds of rulers but it appears to only be worth 7000 gold pieces did I mention that the demon wants it back? 
  10. A legendary dagger made from the spine of a gorgon with a hilt of human hair. The dagger can be used to locate ley lines & other lost areas of occult power. Once a week the dagger can be used to locate lost or forgotten treasures. The dagger's name has been lost to history but a powerful wraith lord seeks the blade. Worth 3000 gold the dagger is invaluable to certain witch cults. 

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