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The Revenge Of The Rumps - Tegel Manor 1977 By Judge's Guild Campaign Notes

"Tegel Manor is an adventure involving Tegel Manor, a great manor-fortress belonging to the Rump family, whose only living member is Sir Runic the Rump, who has tried to sell the manor with no luck, and would reward anyone who could rid the manor of his corrupt, dead ancestors"

Well let's charge into today's entry. Like a bad dream Tegel Manor has reared its head in my world once again. Tegel Manor is a 1977 fantasy role-playing game adventure published by Judges Guild specifically written by  Bob Bledshaw.   "Mike Kardos reviewed Tegel Manor in The Space Gamer No. 53.[1] Kardos commented that "With a little effort, Tegel Manor makes an enjoyable addition to any D&D campaign." All of the above information is from the Tegel Manor wiki entry. But doesn't begin to tell half of the story about this infamous haunted manor. 

Rest in peace Bob Bledsaw Sr. thank
 for all the wonderful toys my friend. 

My experiences with the Rumps & the manor began many years ago when I decided to run it from notes left to my uncle. I started with Disney's Haunted Mansion ride that had been burnt into my head as a kid. When I searching through Youtube I came across this fantastic documentary Disneyland Extinct Attractions Haunted Mansion History Directed and Edited By David Oneal & their Facebook group. 

Keep in mind that this my version of Tegel Manor & by pulling things from childhood the mansion takes on a life of its own. The nosoliga is very strong in players but this isn't just any haunted mansion. The mansion as well as  its valley are an interdimensional & planar adventure location cursed to travel from world to world. Pick up different adventurers & murdering others as its ghosts,ghouls, & demons have the time of their afterlife. Another old favorite is the 1986 film house which also inspired some of my antics in the manor.

The manor also crosses into many OSR settings ala the second House film from '87 and its powerful artifact. This is a homage to James Mishler an old friend of mine & one whose influence comes into play in other ways coming up. 

You see Tegel Manor has appeared in Gamma World, AS&SH's Hyperborea, Lamentations of the Flame Princess's dark Europe, & even Dark Albion. But these days there's more then a simple Mishler nod because back in the day, " Bledsaw and James Mishler formed a new company called Adventure Games Publishing". So for me using Ghosts – The Incorporeal Undead & his Vampires of the Olden Lands is merely poetic justice for the player's PC's.

But this is only the beginning for the players & the Rumps will have their vengeance! The graves burst with the funk of forty thousand years! Note that the copy right & trade marks of the respective films & copyright holders are their own. The role playing games mentioned in this blog entry are the property of their own trade mark & copyright holders. The ideas & material here in are trade marked & copy right to the author. This post is for entertainment purposes only. 

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